Mark Warner Drops Presidential Bid

The first casualty of the 2008 Presidential race has occurred.

Former Virginia governor, Democrat Mark Warner, has decided not to pursue a campaign to be the 2008 Democratic nominee for president. Citing the strain that such a campaign would put on his family, he decided not to run for president this time round. However, he has not ruled out running for a Senate seat or the governorship of Virginia again.

Warner said he arrived at his decision over several weeks. He said neither his wife, Lisa Collis, nor his daughters, ages 12, 15 and 16, discouraged him from running. In a written statement, he said he made the decision after celebrating his father's 81st birthday and taking his oldest daughter on a college tour.

"I know these moments are never going to come again," Warner said. "This weekend made clear what I'd been thinking about for many weeks — that while politically this appears to be the right time for me to take the plunge, at this point I want to have a real life.

Warner is not expected to be the only presidential hopeful from either party to roll back their aspirations to the highest office in the country. He is only the first.

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