A Hero Falls

A criminal scumbag gunned down a Manchester, NH police officer who, with another officer, responded to a domestic disturbance report just before 3 AM. A few minutes later Officer Michael Briggs lay in a pool of his own blood, shot in the head by alleged shooter, career criminal Michael Addison.

Earlier today Officer Briggs died. But not before his alleged shooter was captured in Dorchester, Massachusetts, just south of Boston.

Listening to the news reports this evening, I was not surprised to hear that the New Hampshire Attorney General will seek the death penalty for Addison. I was not surprised to hear that Addison will fight extradition to New Hampshire. I must admit that I was surprised to hear some of Addison's close friends and relatives express shock and dismay that he was being charged with murder. More than one stated that he was a 'good man', and didn't believe he was capable of such a thing.

Yeah, a good man with a lengthy criminal record and a history of violence.

While New Hampshire has not executed anyone since 1939, it still has the death penalty on the books. Capital murder has a very narrow definition in New Hampshire and no one has been in jeopardy of the death penalty since the murder of Epsom police officer Jeremy Charron nine years ago. Murder of a public official while performing their duties is one of the four capital crimes in this state. Addison fits the bill.

Of course any trial or arraignment in New Hampshire may be delayed for some time because Addison is fighting extradition. That's not a surprise considering he could end up with a rope around his neck or a needle in his arm if he's convicted. Of course he could avoid the death penalty if he pleads guilty, just as Officer Charron's killer did.

But somehow I don't think he'll cop a plea.

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