Thoughts On A Sunday

It was a relatively quiet weekend here at the lake. It’s been mostly chores, a little shopping (beyond my weekly Sunday morning trip to Walmart), and some time out on the lake.

It’s hard to believe the first day of fall is only a few days away. It feels like summer started only a couple of weeks ago, yet the kids are back in school. This has certainly been one screwy year so far, with timelines skewed in such a way that time is passing by quickly and slowly at the same time – summer went by in an eye blink yet SloJo’s first eight months in office feel like eight years.

One good thing about the end of summer is that it’s become a lot quieter around here. There’s not quite as much traffic, we have easier access to our favorite eateries, and checkout lines at the supermarkets aren’t nearly as long. Yes, some of these things are small, trivial things, but they add up to a quieter, calmer climate around the lake. It will let us ‘rest up’ until next summer and the return of the summerfolk.

I do have to admit that we do look forward to the return of summer and the summerfolk. But when the summerfolk return, we look forward to their departure...and when they finally leave we look forward to their return. It’s contradictory, but that’s just the way it is.


I can get behind this: Let’s make Orwell fiction again!


This is something else I can also get behind.

Women now account for nearly half of all new gun owners.

More women should own, learn to shoot, and carry a firearm. It certainly ‘levels the playing field’ when it comes to crimes against women. Not that many of them would ever need to fire their weapon to protect themselves. Most often showing they are armed is enough for the smarter miscreants to decide to seek victims elsewhere. But if it comes to that, being armed is much better than being unarmed.

Katy is a gun owner, something I wholeheartedly support. She has a CCW permit (something she doesn’t need up here). She practices now and then. But she’s not nearly as good a shot as I am. (This is one of the few things she doesn’t do better than I can. A couple of the others are pilot an aircraft and pilot a boat. Of these three things, I know she can – and will - get better at the first and the third. She hasn’t expressed any interest in the second. Will she become better than me at shooting and driving a boat? Maybe...but I do have decades more experience and that counts for something, right?)


Skip Murphy reminds us it is the so-called “Party Of The People” (the Democrats) who are the racists in our nation and have been for two centuries, being obsessed with the color of people’s skin.

It seems their definition of untermenschen has shifted, with the new one being people with white skin as it seems only white people can be racists. (Yes, it is paradoxical. Don’t try to apply logic to this because there is none involved, just feelz and prevarication.)


I admit to stealing this word-for-word from today’s Day By Day cartoon.

I normally don’t do that, but being a big fan of Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone I knew I had to do so this one time.

In Rod Serling’s voice:

“Imagine if you will a malevolent cabal where cruelty is compassion, depopulation is destiny, killing a kindness, and words are weapons.”

“A place where if masks work, why stay six feet apart?”

“If six feet apart, why the masks?”

“If they both work, why the lockdowns?”

“If more people die from the vaccines than the virus, why use the vaccines?”

“If people took vaccines to keep other people safe, why are they now very sick ‘superspreaders’?”

“In this dark utopia of government ‘care’, the elderly are targeted, cures denied, doctors & nurses silenced by threat of job loss.”

“A place where logic is criminal, reason a crime, and hysteria a virtue. This...is The Covid Zone.”

What’s scary is that while Chris Muir is pointing out the absurdity of the feddle gummint’s response to Covid-19, and the more recent nastiness coming from The Swamp, he is also pointing out reality.

How does Washington respond to yet another wave of Covid, one of a weaker variant than the previous waves? By doing the same things everybody knows don’t work and they expect everyone to toe the line and do what they say. That there’s pushback at the local and state level tells us people have had enough and that they do not trust feddle gummint edicts or listen to the politically driven ‘science’ being sold as real science, even with increasing evidence the government’s ‘science’ is not based upon facts.

And so it goes.


Ann Althouse asks the question “What if they gave a riot and nobody came?”

It appears all the hoopla about the preparations made around the Capitol to qwell rioting by “MAGA hat wearing, Socialism denying, “F**k Joe Biden!” chanting, mask and lockdown hating, Second Amendment loving, hard working Deplorables” far outweighed the number of the protesters who actually showed up. With so few protesters – somewhere around 400 or so – it made it impossible for the antifa/FBI/ATF instigators to goad the protesters into taking actions so they could be arrested and charged. It could be there were more instigators in attendance than actual protesters.


It seems the the “F**k Joe Biden” chant phenomenon is spreading, with the chant being heard at more college football games and other large public gatherings.

I never heard about anything similar when Trump was in office except at Democrat Party gatherings and rallies. If there had been, you know the DNC-MSM, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook would have reported on “F**k Trump” chants ad nauseum when he was in office.

It only took 8 months for Biden to go from being the supposed ‘Savior of America’ who would undo “all the damage done by Trump” to ‘Joetato’ and ‘SloJo’. His popularity has tanked faster than his mental faculties have deteriorated.

“Undoing all the damage” hasn’t endeared Biden to anyone considering undoing the damage has made things far worse by damaging the economy, igniting inflation by printing money like there’s no tomorrow, seen a humiliating and poorly planned withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan while abandoning American citizens and our allies, purging the military of personnel who believe in America and the Constitution so only Progressives remain within the command structure and in the military academies, an erosion of Constitutional rights, and an ever lengthening list of things that makes American society what it is.

Is it any wonder no one likes Biden (or Harris), even an increasing number of Democrats? They see them for what they are – looters and wreckers. (Ayn Rand described Progressives as we know them as ‘looters’ in Atlas Shrugged.

If nothing else this means the mid-term elections in 2022 are going to be interesting.


And that’s the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather is great, the lake has been quiet, and where I wish I could put Monday off for one more day.