Aw Nuts! - Part 3

The last time I delved into the the subject of acorns, I wrote about the the heavy crop of acorns falling from the oaks surrounding The Gulch. I thought we had reached the peak of the rain of acorns.

I was wrong. Again.

If anything, the number of acorns falling has increased.

Yesterday there was a stretch of 10 to 15 minutes during a windy rain shower where it sounded like golf balls hitting the roof, parked vehicles, and the ground. I can’t remember a time I’ve ever heard or seen that many acorns falling at the same time. I wouldn’t have wanted to be outside during that ‘acorn’ shower.

One of my neighbors, a fellow from away, texted me yesterday afternoon letting me know he was going to be coming up for the evening. (He does that so I can move the trusty RAM 1500 4x4 since I usually park next to my home on our shared driveway when he and his family aren’t up, doing so to make it possible for the WP Mom to get her car in and out without me having to move my pickup.)

I answered him, asking of he would be able to park in his garage, explaining the heavy acorn fall we’d been experiencing and how it might damage his vehicle. (One of my neighbors is the Deputy Police Chief on our town and we discussed the heavy acorn crop including how his daughter’s car had dents on its roof, hood, and trunk from the acorns.) I also suggested that if there was no room in the garage that he should park where I usually park the trusty RAM 1500 4x4 because it would not be anywhere near any of the oaks here. Instead, he changed his mind and decided not to come up.

If I park the pickup in front of the garage I don’t have to worry about it being pelted directly by acorns falling from the trees. But if they hit the roof of the house they end up bouncing off and up in the bed of the pickup. There have been more than a few mornings where I have come out to make the drive to work to find dozens, if not hundreds of acorns in the truck bed.

And so it continues...