Nine Steps

I am once again pointing to a Tom MacDonald video, but in this case part of the lyrics in one of his latest songs, Brainwashed. It it he lists the 9 steps* needed to destroy this nation, or any other nation the Fascists/Progressives/Socialists want to subjugate and rule. Take a look and you tell me if these 9 things listed below are not exactly what has been happening here:

Step 1: Train the people only to consume.

Step 2: Infiltrate the adults with the news.

Step 3: Indoctrinate the children through the schools and the music and the apps on the phones that they use.

Step 4: Separate the Right from the Left.

Step 5: Separate the White from the Black.

Step 6: Separate the Rich from the Poor. Use religion and equality to separate them more.

Step 7: Fabricate a problem made a lie.

Step 8: Put it on the news every night.

Step 9: When people start to fight and divide, take control. This is called Situational Design.

All of these sound familiar to me. It’s something we’ve been living through for some time, but sometimes others have to point it out for us to realize that’s what we’re experiencing. The endgame is not inevitable, particularly if we realize what’s happening. If we stop letting them divide us, particularly over matters that, in the end, are not as big as they’ve been making them seem.

As Tom also says, they’re afraid “if we get along we’ll probably go against them.” There’s no ‘probably’ about it. None.

*Anyone having taken a Poli Sci course should recognize these. As I recall there was also a Soviet zampolit who described the steps required to overthrow a nation back in the late 70's/early 80's. Tom has merely updated them to reflect today's realities (and technologies).