Legal Sports Betting Paying Off

I find it interesting that even while a lot of folks have abandoning watching professional ‘woke’ sports, sports betting has been doing very well, particularly in my home state.

The local TV news reported legal sports betting in New Hampshire has been profitable, both for the state (which gets a percentage from every bet) and the sports book operator – Draft Kings.

Is this how professional sports will survive going forward? Will fans become less important as legal sports betting keeps expanding? I don’t know for sure, but I think the sports teams get some remuneration from the betting as well, something that can help make up for the drop in viewership and any ticket sales.

Why is it that this all sounds so familiar?

Ah, I have it! It’s part of the plot line from the movie The Last Boy Scout with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans. In the movie pro football was a dying sport and the only way to save it was by legalizing sports betting which was going to be pushed by lobbyists in Washington. One of the teams had even bought off a US Senator to help with their efforts.

Is this what is happening in real life, with life imitating Hollywood? More states are legalizing sports betting. Could pro sports be behind this push as a means of generating more income? Am I being too cynical...or is my cynicism well deserved?