Will Brexit Save The UK?

The question about whether Britain will exit the EU will be decided on June 23rd when British voters will vote on the so-called 'Brexit' referendum.

Many in the UK see their membership in the EU as having done nothing but weaken British sovereignty and seen their rights whittled away by the unelected bureaucrats in Belgium. While talk of Brexit has been around for some time, many think the Syrian refugee crisis was the last straw for British citizens. After years of Islamafication by Muslim immigrants unwilling to assimilate into British society, calls for sharia to replace British law, and spreading no-go zones for non-Muslims in numerous towns and cities across Britain, is it any wonder that the latest push by the EU to accept Syrian refugees may have tipped the scales in favor of Brexit?

The refugee crisis is merely the latest factor affecting the Brexit question, but not the biggest by any means.

The British people seem ready to leave the European Union through a historic June 23 referendum, because they are tired of the high-handed tyrannical regulations, clauses and counter-clauses, emanating from the EU Council on even the simplest aspects of their everyday lives.  They have determined that leaving the EU will be the best step toward reclaiming their nation's sovereignty and democratic rule in all matters of immigration and border control, their economy, free trade, and national security, and they are proudly waving the Union Jack, as they tell their would-be masters in Brussels to go to hell, declaring their independence.

While some have tried to make the case that leaving the EU will have devastating effects on the British economy, others have countered that argument by pointing out that much of the EU's trade is with the UK and it wouldn't be easily replaced. Yet others have have suggested any lost trade might be made up for by entering a free trade agreement with Canada, Mexico, and the US, in other words extending the NAFTA agreement to include the UK.

Of course President Obama's 'warning' to the British people that Brexit could seriously damage the relationship between the UK and the US may have actually helped the British voters to vote in favor of it if for no other reason that he has already severely damaged that relationship all by himself. They also know he's a lame duck and won't be in office come next January. That alone would probably heal some of the wounds he inflicted upon the relationship between America and the Mother Country.

Frankly, I think it is in Britain's best interests to divorce itself from the EU as the EU certainly does not have the UK's best interests at heart. Of course my opinion means nothing in regards to Brexit. I'm just an Anglophile Yankee who wants to see our cousins free themselves from the increasingly dictatorial EU, preserve that which defines them as British, and bring them closer to their North American cousins.