Ignore The Truly Important Stuff At Your Own Peril

Reading the various posts, reports, and opinion pieces about the insanity that calls itself Political Correctness or White Privilege shaming or Microagression or Transgender Bathroom Rights or Virtue Signaling or Crypto-racism or a host of other nonsensical names for issues or grievances that should reside only in the realm of dark fantasy, or worse, chronic self-delusion, one has to wonder just how disconnected from reality the folks who think all of this stuff is important happen to be.

There are issues that are far more important than these made up or trivial 'problems' that are driving people to waste enormous amounts of time, effort, and money to address. It's like some outside force has deranged a portion of our population in order to draw attention away from the things that truly deserve our attention and efforts.

Who cares about the whole bathroom issue when we have mortal enemies looking to bring about our destruction. These same folks have no problems beheading, drowning, burning, or stoning anyone they dislike...and they dislike us a lot.

Who cares about microaggressions and safe spaces when we have a government that does not have the American people's best interests at heart, proven by the illegal and unconstitutional actions it has taken to tighten its control over our legal system, our economy, and everyone who is not “Them”.

Why waste time and effort on political correctness, and particularly politically correct speech that is supposed to offend no one (but offends everyone) when we have forces within this nation working hard to undo two centuries of human progress by making it illegal to use modern high-energy technologies like nuclear power, natural gas plants, and other needed power generation means and force us to use expensive, intermittent, and wholly inadequate technologies in their place all while telling us “It's good for you”...but not for them, of course.

It seems the things people are being told are important, aren't. The things that are truly important we're being told are racist/genderist/white privilege-driven oppression of non-Western cultures that are worse than ours but are held up as superior ours, particularly that of our mortal enemies.

The people wasting time and effort really don't realize or don't care that it is they who would be the first victims if our culture, our civilization collapses as they have been working so hard to cause. (It could be called yet another case of “Be careful what you wish for.”)

No one would be interested in saving them because everyone else would be too busy trying to survive to give a s**t about their issues.

So be it.