Modeling Is Not Science

When is science not really science?

When all that really happens is the endless use of defective models that in no way reflect reality being used to push forth defective hypotheses.

...climate change science accounts for fully 55% of the modeling done in all of science. This is a tremendous concentration, because climate change science is just a tiny fraction of the whole of science. In the U.S. Federal research budget climate science is just 4% of the whole and not all climate science is about climate change.

To summarize, it looks like something like 55% of the modeling done in all of science is done in climate change science, even though it is a tiny fraction of the whole of science. Moreover, within climate change science almost all the research (97%) refers to modeling in some way.

So no other endeavor of science uses the level of modeling that climate science does, not even quantum physics which uses modeling to predict what kind of effects will be seen when instruments like the Large Hadron Collider are used to research the nature of our universe. Even astrophysics, astronomy, pharmaceutical research, genetics, bioengineering, or nuclear engineering come nowhere near to using modeling to the level of climate change research.

What makes this worse is that much of the data being used to model climate change is suspect, something brought forth in the Climategate e-mails. Yet we are supposed to believe that hundreds of models of climate change that have so far failed miserably to predict anywhere near what has actually happened are expected to be taken as gospel. We are expected to take draconian measures to prevent what these awful models are telling is going to happen.

That's not science. That's a con game.

Billions of research dollars are being spent in this single minded process. In the meantime the central scientific question – the proper attribution of climate change to natural versus human factors – is largely being ignored.

Of course it's being ignored. There's no money or control to be gained if this “unprecedented” climate change is all part of a natural process and any human influence is minimal and local at best.