Thoughts On A Sunday

It's the weekend before Memorial Day weekend and the activity we've been seeing here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire has been frenetic. A large number of summerfolk have been here getting their cottages and camps squared away for the start of the summer season. Supermarkets, big-box home improvement stores, and boat yards have been busy all weekend at a level not seen since last summer.

Most of the seasonal establishments are open, at least on weekends, and will be open full-time starting next weekend.

The farm stand run by the farm where BeezleBub works saw a spike in business over the weekend as have a number of others around the lakes.

It's shaping up to be a good summer, weather permitting.


With the air travel meltdown caused by the TSA screeners, one has to wonder what real purpose they serve. While most airports had their own air travel security personnel performing screening, that all changed post-9/11 because the government felt it had to “Do Something!” Too bad it was the wrong things.

As I recall, tests of the efficacy of TSA screeners has shown them to be particularly ineffective in preventing banned objects and substances from making it on board aircraft. All the TSA has managed to do is add yet another couple of layers of bureaucracy to security which in turn has made it less responsive, more intrusive, less flexible, and less effective. So why are they still running such an important security function?

It might be better to hand air travel security back to the airports because, if for no other reason, no two airports have the same security requirements or problems. All the TSA is at the moment is an inertia-laden bureaucracy that is eating up billions of taxpayer dollars, yet providing little in return. Maybe it's time to get rid of the TSA.


To paraphrase Glenn Reynolds, “Didn't Paul Krugman used to be an economist or something?”

These days he sounds more like “a 19-year-old cultural-studies major,” particularly in regards to labor economics.



“You will teach only what has been approved by the commissars. No other points of view will be tolerated!”

Sounds like something from the old Soviet Union, right? However, would it surprise you to find that instead is the new policy of the Portland, Oregon school system? Apparently they have banned all climate change skeptic material from be presented in their schools.

They're just like San Francisco, but without the tourist attractions and even less logic or reasoning abilities. Oh, and science need not apply...unless it is the politically correct science approved by the appropriate review committee and signed off by the commissars.


Despite what guilty white liberals have been telling us, it appears that 90% of Native Americans have no problem with the name Washington Redskins, except maybe for the 'Washington' part.

Same here. They should just be called the Redskins.


Is there anything climate change can't do?

The latest claim: Climate change is causing more young girls to be raped.

Other claims I've seen: It causes male pattern baldness, erectile dysfunction, halitosis, kidney stones, gout, below normal birth weight, above normal birth weight, drought and floods at the same time in the same place, tall people, short people, warm winters, cold winters, GM's bankruptcy, a higher divorce rate in Maine, and Dennis Rodman, just to name a few.


Is the Huff Po Editorial Board sexist and racist?

Why, yes, Yes it is. Here's the proof.

'Nuff said.


File this under “No S**t, Sherlock!”

French greens are being told that wind and solar cannot replace French nuclear reactors.

Obviously they don't like the idea.

It's not a matter of politics or ideology, but one of numbers. The numbers show that the 75% of electrical power generated in France by nuclear power can not even come close to being able to be replaced by wind and solar. There just isn't enough available land or energy density to equal the electrical power generated by nukes.


Why is Donald Trump gaining more supporters? Could it be because he hates the press just as much as most Americans and is using that hatred as a campaign strength?


Even Time Magazine realizes that Venezuela is on the verge of collapse. They even acknowledge that it's problems have been self-inflicted by a political elite who haven't a clue about how economies and markets work.

Of course President Maduro still blames all his country's problems on the US. It couldn't possibly be because both he and his predecessor Hugo Chavez didn't know what they were doing.


Tom Bowler asks the question What can gold do for our money?

Quite a bit, actually. Swing buy and read the whole thing.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summerfolk are working feverishly to get ready for Memorial Day Weekend, the boat yards are working overtime to get boats ready for summer, and where, once again, Monday is returning all too soon.