Is There Such A Thing As An Accurate Climate Model?

John Hindraker ponders the question “Does an accurate climate model exist?”

The short answer: No.

Global warming alarmism is predicated not on observation and empiricism, but on models and religious faith. The problem is that the models have now been around long enough to be either confirmed or falsified, and they are refuted by observation. The alarmists have tried to blur this fact by surreptitiously changing land temperature records to make the past look cooler and the present warmer, but this is at best a holding action.

Our one accurate, transparent and un-tampered with set of data–satellite temperature measurements–is now 37 years old. That is enough time to test the alarmists’ models, which rely on fanciful positive feedback effects to magnify the small and almost certainly beneficial consequences of increased atmospheric CO2 into a nightmare scenario. So how do the alarmists’ models stack up against observation?

Not surprising to me, they don't. Only one, the Russian INM-CM4 model, even comes close. Then again, the Russian climate scientists and scientists in related fields like meteorology, geology, and physics have not hopped onto the delusional AGW bandwagon. They didn't 'adjust' data to make the models give them the answers the Warmists demand. They used raw unadjusted data sets, when available, and created their own models. They didn't include the unproven positive feedbacks in their model that exists in so many others and, lo and behold, their model tends to follow the data from the satellite-based measurements, including the so-called 'pause' in seen over the past 18+ years.

So who do you believe? The folks yelling and screaming at us that we're all doomed unless we take drastic actions to slow the projected increase in global temperature by 0.1ºC by the year 2100, those projections made by models that so far don't match reality? Or do you listen to the folks whose model more closely reflects reality who are telling you that there's little to worry about because what climate change that has taken place is due to natural causes and isn't going to turn the Earth into one big desert swept by hurricanes, tornadoes, and sandstorms until the the seas rise due to all the ice melting and drown what's left?

I know which one I am more likely to believe.