Thoughts On A Sunday

The weather was glorious yesterday, allowing me time to continue prepping the Official Weekend Pundit Lake Winnipesaukee for the upcoming boating season. It still needs to make a trip to the local boatyard for some work and to the canvas shop for a new cockpit snap cover. Hopefully that will be taken care of some time in the next two weeks.


This will be a somewhat abbreviated edition of TOAS due to other duties that, unfortunately, take precedence. Sometimes, life gets in the way!


Here's a twofer in regards to climate change, or at least in regards to some of the junk science that states that we're all DOOMED, at least according to notoriously and fatally flawed climate models.

The first states that yet another climate model says our oceans will be depleted of oxygen due to CO2. The cure? Send money.

No surprise there.

The second looks into how government has corrupted climate science for political gain.

Again, no surprise there.


Skip shows us how Democratic Socialism as promoted by Bernie Sanders (with help from Hillary) has only one outcome: Venezuela.

Why would anyone want too emulate a failed and morally bankrupt ideology that brought about the downfall of yet another formerly wealthy country and turned it into a poverty-ridden hellhole?


Why doesn't this surprise me?

The proportion of Americans who volunteer is higher than the number who vote.

I have already hazarded a guess as to why this is so.


It looks like yet another Blue state is going to fall for the Affirmative Consent con job.

Connecticut is considering its own version of Affirmative Consent legislation, something based upon crime 'statistics' that came from a flawed and self-selecting poll. (Even the organization who conducted the poll have stated their results should not be used for such purposes because they know it is seriously flawed and misleading.)

To quote Glenn Reynolds, “They said that if I voted for Mitt Romney the government would outlaw sex, and they were right!”


And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather can't quite seem to make up its mind, the boating season draws closer, and where for the eighteenth week in a row Monday has returned all too soon.