Thoughts On A Sunday

We celebrated Old Home Day in our little town yesterday, a gathering of present and past residents of the town, year round and seasonal.

Yours truly participated starting with the Old Home Day parade in the morning through the opening ceremony at noon, and the on to they various events, booths, foodstuffs, and other sundries until about 3PM.

The WP Mom and the older WP sister also participated, handling jewelry sales at the local church's fair which coincides with Old Home Day.

I did miss the fireworks last evening, getting involved with something at home and losing track of time. I realized I has missed them when I heard the first salvos echoing off of the surrounding hills.
I have to say I thought there were more people attending this year if the crowd lining the streets during the parade were any indication.


Gee, is Obama going to do for 401(k) retirement accounts what he's done for health care? It certainly seems that way as it appears he's having the Department of Labor working towards nationalizing them in order to 'punish' retirement plan service providers despite court rulings that ban the government from doing just that.

Then again, Obama has never worried about little things like laws, courts, or the Constitution, nor have the heads of federal agencies under his watch.

Can you say “crony capitalism”?


You know the DNC is either totally out of touch or seriously deranged after it wrote a “slobbering letter to Obama, supporting his Iran deal.”

As more Democrats in the House and Senate are backing away from this awful deal, the DNC wants to go forward with it, allowing an avowed enemy of the US to attain nuclear weapons we know they will use as soon as it becomes advantageous for them to do so.


What she said.

No, cupcake, there is no right to not be offended.

I swear… our society has become this bizarre caricature of itself, where everyone is searching for something to be outraged about, anything that will allow them to whine and claim racism… or offense… or microaggression… or some other perceived offense.

Somehow these fragile snowflakes believe that only they have rights and that their actions against those who offend them may actually offend the people they feel offended by. I think they call that being a spoiled brat. Too bad no one has had the balls to call them on it and show them just how spoiled and weak they really are.

Welcome to the real world.


By way of Glenn Reynolds comes an offshoot of the problem above, with the University of Tennessee telling staff and students to stop using 'he' and 'she' and to use gender-neutral pronouns instead.

These people have got to stop pounding back “the PC Kool-Aid” and get an effin' clue.


I find this to be an intriguing question.

Is it time to bring back the battleship?

While the days of battleships slugging it out against each other pretty much ended for good in WWII, particularly with the advent of the aircraft carrier, there are some advantages of having capital ships that can withstand heavy weapons fire. One of those advantages is the ability carry more weapons and systems than many of the existing ships.

Big ships with heavy armor are unlikely to solve the A2/AD [anti-access/area-denial] dilemma.  However, big ships with effective systems of defense components, combined with a large number of extremely lethal offensive systems, can go a long way toward defeating a system of anti-access systems. In this sense, the “battleship” could return, although it will play a role more like a classic monitor (intended to fight against shore-based systems) than a line-of-battle-ship. And these new “battleships” will survive less because of their ability to absorb hits, than to avoid hits altogether.

I remember when a number of people inside the Beltway criticized Ronald Reagan when he ordered the reactivation and upgrading of the four Iowa class battleships – the Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, and Wisconsin – not too long after the Falkland Islands war between Argentina and Great Britain. The argument was that modern anti-ship missiles would make short work of battleships, particular after seeing what Argentina's Exocet missiles did to the HMS Sheffield and a few other British Navy ships. But those ships were tin cans compared to the Iowa class ships which had 18 inches of belt armor, double hulls, and were designed to go up against the 18 inch guns of the Japanese Yamato class battleships and survive. But the anti-ship missiles didn't have the penetrating power of 18 inch armor piercing rounds. It was more likely a deckhand would be sent out with a broom to sweep the missile debris off the deck after it bounced off the armor plating. While newer missile systems carry more punch and can perform so-called 'pop-up' terminal maneuvers to try and penetrate through decks rather than hull plating, properly designed armor can help minimize damage from this kind of hit.


It appears Progressives have a different definition of the word “sustainable” that in no way resembles the one in our copy of Webster's. In this case, “sustainable” means “to greatly increase the cost of”, used as a means of destroying our previous health care system by making it so expensive that no one can afford it. They will, of course, then replace with a slightly less expensive system that provides no actual care, forces health care professionals out of health care, and end up with resembling the National Health Service of Great Britain which provides neither health or service.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer is quickly winding down, schools have reopened, but where summer camps and cottages are still open.