Jon Stewart's Attempt To Rewrite History Is A Major #FAIL

I love it when those who would rewrite history are hoist upon their own petard. It teaches them that first they should know what it is they're talking about, otherwise someone more knowledgeable about the particular part of history they want to rewrite will show them for the unthinking and lying bastards that they are.

Case in point, Jon Stewart's attempt to revise the history of the atom bomb and the decision to drop one on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Stewart even goes so far to call Harry S Truman a war criminal. It's easy to do when you're 70 years past the event and have no actual frame of reference. It's also easy to lie about the facts surrounding the decision to use them.

Fortunately we have Bill Whittle around to show Stewart's accusations for what they are – a load of self-serving political crap.