Thoughts On A Sunday

A fortuitous event allowed Deb, BeezleBub and I to attend Bob Marley's Campapalooza show over at out local concert venue last night. Deb was a little reluctant to go, but once there she had a wonderful time, as did BeezleBub and I.

If you're looking for good, solid New England Yankee humor, then Bob Marley ios one fellow that can provide it.


This weekend also brought us the annual Timberman Triathlon, a qualifier for the Iron Man Triathlon in Hawaii. This has grown every year since its inception in 2000 and now brings in a large numbers of international competitors. The course takes the competitors through four towns, with the swimming portion of the race plying through 1.2 miles along the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee.

The one downside: it ties up traffic through or little town for a few hours on each day of the weekend. If that's the worst that can be said about it, that's not bad.


Eric the Viking reports to us that Pink Floyd is now officially broken up.

As Eric says, “They realized they suck without Roger Waters.”



Glenn Reynolds links to an article that quotes actor John Rhys-Davies talking about the West's reluctance to address Islamic extremism, citing its 'extraordinary silence' over the threat.

Writes Glenn, “He’s right, but our ruling class doesn’t like judgment, because they know how they’d be judged by those they rule if that were permitted.”


Read. The. Whole. Thing.


Who lost Iraq? Obama lost Iraq.

What's worse is that he did it in order to look good in the polls. The Iraqi people are paying the price for our Narcissist-in-Chief's need to be adored by his followers. We had things well in hand and could have helped maintain the cohesion of Iraq, but then Obama abandoned Iraq, painting it as a triumph because “he brought the troops home.” No amount of spin is going to be able to make Iraq look like a success...except for ISIS.


The war on men on campus, also known as the “campus rape crisis” has been backfiring on college after college, with male students 'convicted' by the kangaroo courts mandated by the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights filing and winning lawsuits against the colleges who have done so and expelled them. That hasn't stopped them from continuing the blatantly unconstitutional practice from continuing, but it's costing them in time, money, and their reputations.

Already some male students have returned to campuses from which they were expelled, the latest being a student a court ordered USC to allow to return to campus after the court found USC's disciplinary process was “lacking in due process, with no hearing, no right to counsel, no rules of evidence, no presumption of innocence, no right to possess copies of witness statements and evidence and no right to confront witnesses against him.”

A male student would have more rights if he murdered someone than if someone with whom he had consensual relations decided she regretted the sex and later accused her paramour of sexual assault.

That's the other thing that has me scratching my head. How is a sexual encounter that one may come to regret some time in the future been redefined to equate to rape, a violent crime?

As far as I'm concerned these colleges haven't received nearly the abuse they deserve in regards to these matters, but I have a feeling they will soon.


Neo-neocon digs into the facts about Carly Fiorina and finds she's been ahead of The Donald on a number of issues, including illegal immigration.


On more than one occasion I've read about visiting Europeans commenting upon our ubiquitous 'over use' of air conditioning. More than a few have reminded them that the average summertime temperatures in the US are generally much higher than those seen in most European countries along with much higher humidity.

I heard a pair of young British women I ran across today while out grocery shopping with my wife commenting upon the 'oppressive heat and humidity' here today and what a blessing it was to have the air conditioning in the supermarket. I had to respond, asking if they really thought it was all that bad outside (It was about 85ºF with a dew point of 67ºF, meaning it was quite humid.) They both said they thought it was dreadful and I had to shake my head. I guess we New England Yankees are used to summer weather like we experienced today so A/C isn't quite as necessary as others might think.

It's a good thing these two lovely ladies weren't down in Florida right about now.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the beaches have been full, the lake has been busy with lots of boats, and where the ice cream stand have been doing a booming business.