Intelligence Doesn't Mean Intelligent

This is something I've known for a long time: Intelligence does not automatically equate to to being smart. In fact, I have known many intelligent people who have the manners of a spoiled child, the social skills of a skunk in attack mode, and often had very little common sense when it came to every day living.

Explains psychologist Ray Hyman:

"Intelligence is a capacity," he said. "Intelligence tests don’t tell us what people will do, they tell us what people are potentially able to do. It’s how people use their abilities that make the difference."

The number of otherwise intelligent people who believe in “pseudoscientific topics like extrasensory perception, astrology, and parapsychology” is staggering. These otherwise 'smart' people are totally irrational.

One has to wonder about the number of supposedly smart people who buy the claim that “the science is settled” when it comes to something like climate change when any knowledgeable person who understands science knows science is never 'settled'. The same could be said about topics like economics because there are so many otherwise smart people who believe economies can be fixed if we give government even more control over the economic system when history abounds with examples where that fix always fails and never succeeds. But these smart people want to try again because, after all, they're smarter than their predecessors and won't make the same mistakes (but they always do).

Intelligent folks can be the stupidest people at times.