Common Core's Aim Is To Create The World Of Harrison Bergeron

The elitists are still pushing the idea that Common Core is somehow a cure for our educational ills, that it will magically 'equalize' all children. I do not believe the former, but I do believe the latter.

It will indeed equalize our children. It will make them equally ignorant, equally incapable of doing things like simple math and English, and will give a slanted, incomplete, and false view of our history. It will be a race to the bottom, to the lowest common denominator, and it create a nation of ignorant sheep.

It comes down to the pernicious belief by self-anointed 'betters' that equality of outcome is an achievable and desirable goal. But as hundreds of years of history have proven, it is unattainable and unwanted because the results have always been the opposite of what was claimed: misery for all...except the elite, of course.

Such a belief that equal outcome is possible ignores one big factor that always comes back to slap them in the face: human nature. It is far stronger in the end than any of their grandiose beliefs and it always wins. The problem is that this truth doesn't deter these folks from trying again and again.

But no one is being fooled and anyone with a modicum of intelligence and reasoning skills knows Common Core is a lie, is based upon ridiculous theories that have been disproven again and again. It assumes all children learn the same way when decades of studies show just the opposite is true. Common Core perates under the assumption that all children are equally adept at all things and the differences don't exist. Maybe on their home planet that's true, but that isn't the case here.

Even porn stars know Common Core is a crock as does a father who was a math major. He wasn't the only one as others who replied to his tweet were just as stumped on a 2nd grade Common Core math problem.

As one commenter to the piece linked at the top wrote:

Paging Harrison Bergeron. Harrison Bergeron, please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Harrison Bergeron indeed. That is, after all, what Common Core is really meant for – to lower everyone to the lowest common denominator.