Thoughts On A Sunday

Though the calendar says it's fall, the weather hasn't been paying attention, awarding us with summer-like temperatures and clear skies all weekend. I'm certainly not going to complain. The warm temps made it a little easier to do some of the never-ending yard work, particularly the kind that requires dry grass. I even got to hang up a couple of loads of laundry on the Official Weekend Pundit Clothesline rather than running them through the drier.


I've been reading a slew of opinion pieces about Obama's handling of ISIS, and one common thread running through many of them from both the Left and the Right has been that Obama made a major mistake by withdrawing our troops from Iraq prematurely. More than a few blamed that action on Obama's need to be seen as a peacemaker even though his actions have had just the opposite effect.

As much as he wants to avoid putting boots on the ground, he may have no choice, particularly if ISIS digs in amongst friendly civilians, precluding the use of airstrikes to take them out. It will be like Fallujah all over again, fighting these extremist assholes by digging them out street by street and house by house. Of course I expect he'll wait until it is almost too late and then he'll do it badly.


Bill Whittle gives us some good news to help offset the rest of the news we're usually bombarded with.


Bill's video piece reminds me of something I had posted some months ago, a simple experiment that anyone can try that just might change their view about the world. It's worth repeating here.

First, for one week read or watch only science and technology news. Then on the following week read or watch the rest of the news.

Which one gives you hope that the future is going to be a wonderful and interesting place to live? I'll give you a hint: It isn't the second.


Now we turn our attention towards Seattle, whose city council passed a new policy 9-0 that forces Seattle residents to compost or face a fine.

One excuse put forth by one of the council members for this decision: “...composting food waste reduces emissions of methane, which is a strong cause of climate change.” Nice try, but no cigar.

As Cap'n Teach points out, composting creates large amounts of methane and nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide is also one of the major components of smog and when it decomposes it can create ozone, another gas that has deleterious health effects at ground level.

Remember, with these folks feelings matter more than facts. But that's OK because their intentions were good, right? Then again we know where that road leads, don't we?


The fall foliage is making itself seen here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, though we're still a couple of weeks from peak color. We're hoping the colors will be spectacular this year, but the warmer than normal temps may dull them slightly from what we usually see.


I wouldn't mind adding this shotgun to my arsenal. It's good for 'close in' work in a home defense role. I would, of course , want to switch out the standard magazine tube which can only hold 2 or three rounds for something that holds more.


Has America's 19th Century Progressivism finally hit a wall? It certainly appears to be the case as its progress has stalled because the American people are finally waking up to its costs.

In recent years American governance has been afflicted by an apparently systemic crisis of overcommitted objectives and declining effectiveness. This is hardly unique to the United States. Mounting welfare costs, debt, recession, and debate over whether austerity or stimulus is the proper remedy flourish in Europe and Japan as well.

On the domestic front, the travails of Obamacare suggest that for the first time in recent memory Americans are coming face to face with a new entitlement they don't like. And a political storm has been gathering over the budgetary costs and pension entitlements of state and city workforces.  In three very different policy realms--foreign affairs, social welfare, state and local entitlements--a similar discontent is evident: an anti-progressivism that is in some ways the antithesis of the Progressive movement of a century and more ago.

A growing number of Americans are finally saying “Enough!” and pushing back against the creeping totalitarianism, poverty, misery, and arrogance that is the Progressive movement.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


I blame Jenny McCarthy. She should be flogged in a public square for the damage she's done.


The hypocrisy of the Hollywood elite is never so visible as when they start harping upon climate change and the actions that we must be forced to take in order to 'save the world'. A perfect example of this hypocrisy is Leonardo DiCaprio, spouting off about how the only solution is to force changes at the point of a gun. That is especially hypocritical considering the number of homes, cars, and jets DiCaprio owns.

Then it's understandable as Leo is a disciple of that other climate hypocrite, Al Gore.

About the only one from Hollywood for whom I have a smidgen of respect is Ed Begley, Jr.. Even though I don't agree with his positions, at least he walks the walk...for the most part. Some of the things he's done to help prevent the still unproven anthropogenic climate change do lower his carbon footprint, but the costs of doing so are out of reach for most of the rest of America.


Speaking of climate change, I'm still waiting to hear from the We're-All-Gonna-Die-If-We-Don't-Impoverish-Ourselves-Because-The-Evil-Humans-Are-Causing-Global-Hotcoldwetdry as to why if global warming is going to kill us all there have been a record number of low maximum temperatures throughout the lower 48.

Or are they going to choose to ignore the data, just as they have over the past 18 years?


Is this a case of do as I say and not as I do?


Believe it or not, I agree with Bill Maher on this one.

If we’re giving no quarter to intolerance, shouldn’t we be starting with the mutilators and the honor killers?

Indeed. But it seems the oh-so-tolerant Left would rather go after soft targets like celebrities who say something offensive to no one but them or a bakery owned by a devout Christian that refuses to make gay wedding cakes rather than tackle cases of intolerance that actually hurt or kill people.

What a bunch of lightweights.


It appears reality is now intruding upon Obamacare.

On more than one occasion I and others have noted that access to health insurance does not automatically equate to access to health care. Fast forward to today and many of those who enrolled in Medicaid under Obamacare are having a hard time finding doctors who will take them on as patients.

That's not surprising for two reasons: a lot of practices have maxed out on patients and aren't taking new ones; many practices can only afford to take so many Medicaid/Medicare patients because reimbursement is usually below the cost of providing care. Take on too many patients like that and the practice goes bankrupt.

Call it yet another example of the Law of Unintended Consequences coming into play.


Skip over at Granite Grok brings up the issue of Right To Work in New Hampshire, something he believes will once again come before the state legislature during the next session. (It passed once before, but then-governor John Lynch vetoed it and there legislature was just a couple of votes shy needed to override the veto.) He also makes a suggestion that may or may not help make it through: Borrow a lesson from Wisconsin and “let the unions deal with getting their rightful dues monies directly from their members.” In other words, don't make the state collect the dues on behalf of the State Employees Association. Let the SEA collect them directly. How many 'members' would willingly cough up part of their pay to a corrupt organization that fosters mediocrity at all levels? My guess is not a whole lot.

Even if Right To Work doesn't pass or make it on to the legislative schedule during the next legislative session, doing away with automatic collection of dues from employees paychecks might be one way of creating de facto Right To Work, at least in regards to state employees.

As a former labor union member, I can say I hated seeing my 'dues' being collected right off the top of my paycheck because, quite frankly, the union wasn't representing my best interests, but those of the union leadership. My wife is a non-voluntary member of the State Employees Association, and she doesn't care for it either, particularly in light of the abuses she's seen over the years by union members 'playing the system' that would get anyone else fired, and rightfully so.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer weather has come back, fall foliage is starting to appear, and where winter isn't too far off.