It's All Over But For The Counting

The polls have closed in New Hampshire, today being the state primary. It's all over but for the results to be tabulated.

I haven't paid much attention to the polls because they've been so up and down. I have watched the various campaign ads which reached a peak between yesterday and today. I still find it amusing that one Democrat, Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) has been running attack ads against one GOP senatorial candidate, Scott Brown, former US Senator from Massachusetts who relocated to New Hampshire some time ago. I guess she fears his candidacy over the others because he's been polling pretty well against her.

While the turnout was expected to be around 20%, it wouldn't surprise me to find that a larger number of Republicans turned out to vote than Democrats. The main reason for that is that many of the Democrat incumbents are either unopposed or their opponents are relatively unknown. Of course once the results of today's primary is known, I expect the campaign machines of the winners to crank it up to '11'. That means far more attack ads will be seen and heard and most of us will be tired of them before the first one hits the airwaves.

Thank goodness for Netflix!