Thoughts On A Sunday

For the first time fall is feeling and looking like fall here in central New Hampshire. Cooler temps and bright foliage have rung in the season and the need to get to the fall chores has come upon us.

There are still a lot of things I need to get to before the colder weather, frost, and snow arrive.


It is becoming increasingly apparent the US government hasn't been taking the Ebola outbreak seriously enough. Between greatly delayed response to a case in Texas that has led immediate family members and medical staff treating the patient at risk and the refusal to implement a travel ban on people coming from the areas where Ebola has spread, it tells me that either the government is underestimating the threat being imposed or that the thrice-damned political correctness is getting in the way by proclaiming that any such restrictions are 'racist'.

Of the two, I have a feeling it's a bit of both. We certainly have enough examples of that from the almost six years of the Obama Administration.


Darn it! I missed National CB Radio Day!

I remember the heyday of the CB radio craze. It really took off when the dreaded and much hated National Maximum Speed Limit became law, the so-called “double nickel” or 55 MPH. CB helped get around many of the speed traps. (The NMSL was the most ignored law in the nation since Prohibition. It also went the way of Prohibition, too.)


Tell us something we don't know.

Everything single thing the President has tried has failed.

A short list of his failures: the $787 billion stimulus; “Cash for Clunkers”; Solyndra, Obamacare; leaking the names of the SEALs who killed bin Laden (three of which have since been killed); premature troop withdrawal from Iraq. Need I go on?

His only real success? Fundamentally transforming America. Too bad that transformation has made us weaker, untrustworthy, and an even bigger target for our enemies.


It looks like Bird Dog is going through the same process we are here at The Manse: Fall Cleaning.

Like BD we've been going through things in our kitchen, basement, garage, and closets to find items we no longer use or need and getting them to relatives and friends who have use for them, to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, set them aside for our local church's annual winter sale, or take them to the dump.

Some folks go through Spring Cleaning, but like BD and his missus, we find that Fall Cleaning is more comprehensive, during nicer weather, and allows us more time to go through things to make sure we don't dispose of something we truly need.


It's been 18 years and 1 month since there has been any global warming, something not a single climate model has predicted or been able to explain.

All of the various AGW supporters have been scrambling to explain this, calling it a “pause” or “hiatus”. But so far no one has been able to explain why average global temps have been trending slightly downwards even though atmospheric CO2 levels have increased. This is what happens when 'scientists' hang all of their hypotheses on a single factor despite a wide range of evidence pointing to other causes for climate change.

As more than one actual scientist has explained, CO2 levels lag behind temperature changes, not lead them. There are a couple of hundred thousands of years of data collected from ice cores and sediment that prove this. This time round it's no different.


Is it time to kick California out of the Union? Writes J.D. Tuccille, “I stand second to none in my astonishment at the degree to which Californians have managed to render almost uninhabitable one of the nicest stretches of real estate on the planet.”



There's plenty of evidence Democrats hate free speech and are doing their darnedest to kill the First Amendment.

They're using the “Hate speech isn't Free Speech” ploy, meaning any speech they don't like will be considered hate speech and therefore be banned. Of course they will be the only arbiters of what constitutes hate speech which will give them total control of all speech. Anyone who dares disagree with them can then be silenced.

Welcome to Soviet America.


Jeff Soyer reminds us of another assault against the Constitution by the Progressives, in this case against the Second Amendment. They keep selling the lie that all we need to do is ban guns and everything will be fine. But what they never mention or choose to ignore is that criminals don't care of guns are banned, they'll still have them and they'll use them, even against the Progressive idiots that banned them.

Why aren't the Progressives going after the real lawbreakers rather than trying to create a new class of 'lawbreakers'? It's simple really: it's easier for them and lets them feel good about themselves for 'solving' yet another problem that never really existed.


It's time for me to go see if the New England Patriots can return from their pasting by the Kansas City Chiefs last week. They're playing Cincinnati tonight and, quite frankly, if their offensive line can't keep the pass rushers off of him for a few seconds there's no way they're going to win.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the fall foliage is still a week or more away from peak color, the temps are running below normal, and where our first delivery of firewood isn't until the end of the month.