First It Was Bush, Then Palin, And Now The Koch's

One of the themes the Democrats have been pushing continuously is that GOP candidates are bought and paid for by the Koch brothers. I find it interesting that the Dems are playing up the influence of a pair of moderate multi-billionaires as if they were the poster children for all the corporate money corrupting politics. I also find it interesting that the Dems have decided to totally ignore the millions being spent by the likes of Steyer and Soros, much more than the Koch's have donated.

All of this begs the question “Why have the Democrats demonized the Koch brothers?” As Jack Cashill opines, it's probably because they have built a successful business that employs over 60,000 people, stick to their principles, and really and truly care about the future of our country.

Writes Cashill:

A bantam-weight among those enemies is The Kansas City Star. Not above the occasional rabbit punch, Star editors jabbed away with a recent story headlined, “Conservative Koch group launches TV ad attacking Orman in Kansas Senate race.”

Never mind that the Kochs are libertarians, not conservatives. What intrigues about the story is that hundreds of groups run ads every campaign season. To single out just one sponsor by name when that sponsor is running perfectly legal ads in its own state suggests something deeper than a bias. It suggests a disease, specifically KDS—Koch Derangement Syndrome.

According to many of the anti-GOP candidate ads, all evil comes from the brothers because every GOP candidate is owned by them. Their billions are ill-gotten gains stolen from the poor. (No one ever asks why would they steal anything from the poor. The poor don't have anything to steal.) Because their money was earned, not gained through currency trading and manipulation (Soros) or outright cronyism (Steyer), they must be held up as bad examples to show all Right-Thinking People (defined as 'unthinking Leftist drones'). It is yet another version of Bush Derangement Syndrome which was followed by Palin Derangement Syndrome.

These psychiatric conditions seem to limit themselves to members of the Left. That ought to tell us something right from the start: the Left are insane. After all they've displayed other symptoms of insanity, trying the same failed social 'experiments' again and again while expecting different results this time.