Yes Means Yes - We Don't Need A Stupid Law To Tell Us Otherwise

As we know from history, it is true that quite often that trends and fads that start in California spread to the rest of the nation. Sometimes this has been a good thing. Other times it has been a bad thing. And at yet other times it is neither good or bad, merely benign.

Unfortunately, one trend that started in the Golden State is threatening to infect the rest of the nation, trying to legislate the elimination of common sense and bringing know-nothing and deluded 'do-gooders' into the dorm rooms and bedrooms of college students.

In this case it's New Hampshire State Representative Renny Cushing (D- Rockingham County District 21) has proposed legislation almost identical to California's Affirmative Consent law that governs the sexual activity of college students on and off campus.

I'm sorry, but that's just plain stupid.

How Rep. Cushing thinks it's a good idea escapes me. It's certainly bad legislation and the fact that California was stupid enough to pass it is a strong indication that it should die aborning here. This type of law is crossing the line and getting directly involved in an issue that is not as important or pressing as some of the perpetually offended gender-hustlers have been trying to tell us it is. I go buy the philosophy of Robert Heinlein when he stated that anything that someone claims “Must be done now!” is something that usually needs not be done at all. Goodness knows we've seen that from the present occupant of the White House when he's emphatically stated that “This, that, and the other thing must be done 'Right Away'.”

There are a couple of things that may prevent this incredibly ignorant piece of legislation from ever seeing the light of day: the state legislature does not reconvene until January, meaning it's possible Cushing won't be re-elected to the New Hampshire House on November 4th,or; if he is re-elected it will die in committee being deemed as “inexpedient to legislate” because it's incredibly intrusive and, quite possibly, unconstitutional, at least under the New Hampshire State Constitution.

But should the worst happen and this bad law pass, then that indicates to me that my home state is doomed to become nothing but another bastion of liberal groupthink and the perpetual victimization of one group of people after another as a means of erasing our rights “for the common good.”