These People Are Nuts

There's so much I could write about this story I'm not sure where I would start.

The one thing the Left likes to use as a sledgehammer is the Precautionary Principle, using it as an excuse to severely curtain or outright ban activities they deem as risky. The problem is that there's little they don't find risky, whether it's truly a risk or merely perceived that way.

A perfect example of this: Schools ban swings because everything is dangerous.

Swings? Seriously?

Let's face it, kids like to play. They always have. The want to get dirty. They want to swing from jungle gyms. They want to go down slides. The want to see how high they can get on a swing.

However, under the Precautionary Principle, all of those activities can lead to possible injuries, whether it's a slight bruise, a scraped knee, or some other kind of boo boo, and because of that they must all be banned “For The Children.”

But being a kid is risky. No matter how much the Left thinks we have to remove all risk, it is impossible to do so. That doesn't stop them from trying. However the downside is that by doing so they create other risks they choose to ignore, the two most prevalent being childhood obesity (no play = no physical activity) and neurosis, where children may come to fear everything which will also make them fearful adults. (Hmm. Maybe that explains it all. The Left are all children of parents who saw danger at every corner and didn't let them play like other kids. Now that they're grownups they're getting even with Mommy and Daddy by making sure no one can ever play again. Yeah, I know it's a psychological shot in the dark, but maybe there's a kernel of truth in there somewhere.)

I'm wondering how long it's going to take before these Nervous Nellies make it impossible for kids to be kids. Not long is my guess.