Thoughts On A Sunday

More summer-like weather has arrived, with warm temps and higher humidity. I'm not complaining as it has allowed me to open up all of the windows around The Manse and motivated me to put the screens in the storm doors. It has also meant cutting back some of the brush and saplings along the driveway as yet another season of growth will mean they will impede the passage of cars. (I should have cut them back last year, but I ran out of round tuits.)


This teacher should have her teaching credentials revoked and she should be forced to spend time with WWII veterans and survivors of Nazi predations.

Then again, she's a perfect example of what Lenin called “useful idiots” and should be used as such, with people ridiculing her in public and laughing at her whenever she opens her mouth. Her revisionist history of the war against the Nazis in Europe is so disconnected from reality that perhaps she should be examined for some underlying psychiatric condition. Oh, wait, she's a self-avowed Leftist! That explains everything: she IS mentally ill!


David Starr analyzes the two options congressional Democrats have in regards to the Benghazi investigations, neither which will play very well with a public that thinks the real cause of the death of four Americans in Libya, including the US ambassador, is being covered up by the Obama Administration.

Neither option will serve the Democrats well. One makes them look like a spoiled child who takes their ball and goes home. The other makes them look like they've got something to hide. Either way it makes them look like losers.


Here's a second piece by David Starr that lays out the means of reforming Congress and doing away with omnibus bills, riders, and obscure language within bills used to obfuscate the meaning and scope of legislation.

One suggestion I like: Restrict bills to a single topic.

A suggestion I'd like to add is to implement a modest proposal my dear brother and I have been promoting for over 30 years as a means of returning Congress to the people.


In the search for a link to the modest proposal I mentioned above, I reread many of my Sunday posts from over 10 years ago and came to realize that I used to generate my own commentary to a much greater extent and linked to other blogger's posts sparingly. Reading those posts from years ago made me wonder who wrote them because, quite frankly, they were much better and more cogent back then.

It took a while for me to figure out why the quality and content of my writing shifted so much – life changed.

Back then I was single and the only one I had to take care of was me. I didn't have any immediate family obligations that kept me away from the keyboard. Today I have a family which takes up a large portion of my non-work time, as it should. That leaves much less time to think about things great and small which in turn means I am more dependent upon what other people write. That has certainly degraded the level of commentary I write and it shows.

I'm beginning to think I should get back to that even if it means less posting. As I have come to realize, more posting doesn't automatically equate to better posting. I have to admit to falling into the “I have to post just about every day or no one will like me!” trap.


What's next? Dogs and cats sleeping together?

It appears that at least one Syrian rebel now understands that the problem in Syria and other Middle Eastern Arab nations has not been Israel, but their own governments and the militant Islamic groups they support.

Once, Israel was blamed for everything. But Israel is not our enemy anymore. We see how Israel opened its doors to our injured. We see how Syrian children are treated in Assad’s prisons and how they are treated in Israeli hospitals. Israel gave food while Assad starved his own people. Syria has only one enemy now: the Assad regime backed by Iran and Hezbollah. I meet with Syrian dissidents and military leaders daily and have seen how, after decades of brainwashing, their mentality has begun to change.

It's amazing to see when someone's eyes are opened and they come to realize they've been lied to for years.


I've been seeing large numbers of summerfolk this weekend. The winter storage covers are being removed from boats and they're being prepped for another boating season. Many of the seasonal restaurants are open, at least on weekends. I've been seeing a lot of work being done around homes, repairing the damage from the long harsh winter, including docks along the lake's shoreline. (They took a particularly hard beating from the ice this past winter.)

Once the rains pulled away early yesterday afternoon the local motorcyclists were out in droves, as they have been today.

I have partaken of the farm's retail store, specifically some of their baked goods. I have forgotten how good their oatmeal raisin cookies are, being highly addictive. (That's why I only by a single package of two at any one time, and then only twice a week.)

I can only hope the summer weather will be good all season long, making up for the rough and lengthy winter.


We're still around six months away from the midterm elections and the campaign rhetoric and attack ads are already cranking up.

Former Senator Scott Brown (then R-MA) relocated to New Hampshire a few years ago and is now running against incumbent Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen. While some of the anti-Shaheen ads have been pretty tame, dinging her for supporting and voting for Obamacare (funded by Americans for Prosperity), the anti-Brown ads have felt slimy right from the get go. Then again it isn't surprising considering they're being funded by Majority PAC, Harry Reid's organization created to keep him in his position as Senate Majority Leader.

Considering the vitriol we see being spewed by Reid on the floor of the Senate against anyone he doesn't like (this also gives him cover against slander suits as anything he says there is not actionable as slander), particularly the Koch brothers, is it any surprise Majority PAC has already started using sleaze to try and sway GOP voters in the Granite State? Maybe they figure if they can keep Brown out of the race Shaheen will be a shoe-in for re-election. That tells me they're afraid Brown will clean Shaheen's clock at the polls.


I was watching the morning news on our local ABC station when a story about college graduations came up. In and of itself that's not surprising. But what the news anchor said about the story caught me off guard and I had to back it up a bit (DVRs are a wonderful thing), and make sure I'd her heard correctly. It went something like this:

“...and now that they've graduated they can start worrying about paying off all that loan debt.”

It wasn't until later I realized why she added that comment: her daughter is in college and she knows first hand what it's costing to send her there.

It's the higher education bubble, local edition.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summerfolk are here in droves, a lot of work is getting done around winter ravaged homes, and where we really need one more day of weekend to get everything done.