Thoughts On A Sunday

Things are greening up in this part of New England, with trees budding and grass turning from brown to green. The process is running a bit behind schedule as we usually see this during the last week of April.

Even planting season is running behind at the farm, between the colder than normal temps and very wet ground delaying tilling. Some crops that would normally be seeded in the fields are instead getting a head start in the greenhouses.


One thing that has to be taken care of shortly is removal of the carburetor on the Official Weekend Pundit Lawnmower.

The crappy fuel the government calls gasoline (E10) does real number on small engines, causing corrosion or, if the ethanol settles out, clogging the jets and choking off the flow of fuel to the engine. That is what I believe has happened with the lawnmower, meaning it doesn't run. (This occurred at the end of the mowing season last year and I didn't have the time to deal with it then. My bad.)


Hey, if you've got a spare $27.5 million laying around you can buy Ron Howard's place down in Greenwich, Connecticut.


The backlash against the thoroughly intolerant, close-minded racist Left on the Rutgers University campus has been building.

While the #NoRice fascists got their way and Condoleezza Rice has decided not to speak at the Rutgers commencement, much of the student body has been slamming both the faculty and students behind #NoRice protest, saying they have hijacked the graduation and imposed their will upon the majority who were looking forward to hearing Rice speak. Most see it is yet another bit of backhanded racism for which the Left is so famous, that being that one of the most accomplished “Woman of Color” is an unsuitable speaker because she thinks for herself and refuses to follow the script the Left demands of minorities.

Reading some of the tweets supporting Condoleezza Rice it appears that quite a few graduates will have nothing to do with their soon to be alma mater because of the actions of the radical Left on campus. The alumni association had best not expect any donations from these disgruntled grads. Maybe it's time for those who have endowed the University who disagree with the actions of the #NoRice dips**ts to withdraw those endowments to show their displeasure. Let the leftists on campus know there are consequences for their actions.


Did the Robert's Court set up the ACA – aka ObamaCare – for a fall when it found in favor of the respondent stating that the ObamaCare penalty for non-compliance was a tax?

George Will tells us about the upcoming case in the U.S Court of Appeals that is preparing to hear arguments that the ACA was really revenue legislation and as such, violates the Origination Clause of the Constitution which states “All bills for raising reveornue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with amendments as on other bills.”

The argument goes that the version of the ACA that became law was created in the Senate, and the Speaker of the House stated it was “deemed as passed” and therefore is invalid because such bills can only originate in the House.

If the U.S. Court of Appeals agrees with the plaintiffs, this could set off a constitutional crisis that would have to be heard by the Supreme Court. Should SCOTUS decide the legislation violated the Origination Clause, ObamaCare would be dead.


Granite Grok has a video of a great speech by Dr. Duke Pesta that addresses the abomination that is Common Core and how it will destroy what is left of our public education system as well as private education.

How anyone, except Leftists, can think Common Core is a good thing totally escapes me.


Fellow Granite Stater Tom Bowler delves into Benghazi, giving us a two-fer, with revelations about Benghazi and the broader policy failures that have been an earmark of the Obama Administration since the beginning, particularly in regards to Benghazi and the needless deaths of four Americans at the embassy, including the ambassador.


The latest jobs numbers seem a little funny, with 288,000 new jobs reported. The only problem is that there were 344,000 new unemployment claims during the same period.

So how is it the unemployment rate declined?

It didn't really. It merely reflects the number of unemployed who have dropped off the U3 unemployment rolls because their benefits have run out. If you look at the U6 rate, you'll see it's unchanged, as it has been for the past few years.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the rains have been coming and going, local folk have started getting their summer places ready, and where we have at least a few more weekends before the summerfolk arrive in earnest.