Another Member Of The Oh-So-Tolerant Left Reveals His Hypocrisy

How many times have we seen members of the “Party of Tolerance” prove that they are anything but tolerant? How many times have we seen members of that same party who profess hatred of racism show the world that it is they who are racist, both subtle and blatant? Too many times to think that it's anything but an aberration.

The latest example of this hypocrisy is provided by Joshua Bigger, a white Texas liberal and a blatant racist showing his racism and intolerance towards a conservative black man in a series of tweets that revealed his true feelings about minorities, particularly those who refuse to stay on the progressive-run plantation.

You can always count on the tolerant Left to set a fine example for living in harmony with all races — as long as certain races think and act like they’re damn well told.

Tweeter Joshua [wishes he was] Bigger perfectly illustrated how leftists feel they can be as vile as they want to be when it comes to racial epithets, as long as they’re attacking politically disobedient minorities. Writer Robert A. George and friends were having none of it though.

Unlike Bigger the Bigot, George and his friends didn't resort to invective, slurs, or other foul means of expressing their displeasure at Bigger's actions. However, that seemed to egg Bigger on and he became even more foul-mouthed.

One of the best responses to Bigger's racist rant came from D.W Robinson, who tweeted:

"The inner child typed naughty words to strangers as the super ego drooled quietly on itself in the corner"