Sonic Caves To Gun-Grabbers

Yet another food chain has capitulated to the gun-grabbers, with Sonic announcing it is “against customers carrying guns at their restaurants.” It's ironic considering that on the same day Sonic made the announcement one of their employees, a carhop, was robbed at their Topeka, Kansas store.

On the other hand one of their competitors, Chili's, has taken just the opposite tack even though they aren't outright banning carrying of firearms in their restaurants.

Chili’s, owned by Brinker International, said in a statement, “We kindly ask that guests refrain from openly carrying firearms into our restaurants and we will continue to follow state and local laws on this issue.”

Judging from Chili’s statement, customers are still permitted to carry a concealed firearm as long as they are complying with the applicable state laws.

As Cap'n Teach states, “You know why places like doughnut shops are rarely robbed? Lots of armed law enforcement. Gun shops are almost never robbed during open operating hours. Why are shootings, including mass shootings, more likely likely in gun free zones?”

The question answers itself.