Colder Means Drier

The AGW Powers-That-Be are still hawking the “We're all gonna DIE!” line, refusing to change their litany despite temperature data showing that the models they've been using to 'prove' their point are full of crap. Maybe they believe that if they keep chanting the same mantra about warming temperatures again and again that it will actually come true. They also make the mistake of automatically assuming that warmer temps are a bad thing despite plenty of historical evidence proving just the opposite.

David Archibald points us to papers that show that cooler temperatures driven by a less active sun will actually make for a drier climate and extended drought, particularly in western North America.

“Ah-hah!” you say, thinking you've found a flaw...except that you haven't. The cooler sun that leads to lengthy droughts is upon us again. A number of solar astronomers and physicists believe our sun has entered a lengthy period of low activity, also referred to as a minimum, one that will last decades and will lead to generally colder temperatures.

It will be interesting to see how the AGW faithful will explain away the reality that finally slaps them in the face. But somehow I think they'll still find a way to blame global warming AND George W. Bush.