Thoughts On A Sunday

It looks like the first 'winter' storm is headed this way, with a couple of inches of snow and maybe some sleet or freezing rain following. It will make the morning commute interesting, meaning I might actually have to put the trusty F150 into four-wheel drive...to make it out of the driveway.

At least the Official Weekend Pundit Snowblower is ready if we need it. But if the Weather Guys TM are right, we probably won't need it, at least this time.


As the sleight-of-hand that is the ObamaCare website continues, the Obama spin machine is trying very hard to convince us all is well with it. Almost anyone versed in web design knows this is a crock, seeing it for what it has been dubbed - a Potemkin website. It's all facade with nothing behind it. The website doesn't actually transfer enrollee information to the insurance companies or the state exchanges and no one seems to know if or when that will happen.

If something as 'simple' as a website is too much for the government to handle (at the cost of over $600 million) then how can we trust these incompetents to handle something as complicated as health care? From what we've already seen by way of Medicare and Medicaid, we shouldn't. As we've been learning for some time (at least those of us who have actually been paying attention) government has passed the point of diminishing returns, meaning as it has grown over the past couple of decades it passed the point where any additional growth meant more inertia and less competence to deal with issues big or small. And now we're having over a sixth of our economy handed over to them against our will.


In light of ObamaCare and a whole host of other failures promoted by our bloated government, it's time to bring back two old traditions – tar and feathers, along with stocks and pillories. At the moment there is little fallout for abject failure within government. With no consequences there is no motivation to do well. Government has become bogged down by the bureaucratic mindset and a refuge for the incompetent, the criminal, and the lazy.


Glenn Reynolds highlights yet another case of an educational institution's denial of a student's constitutional rights, where a student cleared of all charges for two different criminal acts – assault and sodomy – was expelled from that institution and banned for life from ever stepping foot on the campus again.

As we have seen in other cases like this, all that's required to 'prove' guilt is the accusation. The law and the Constitution need not apply.

As I wrote above: tar and feathers.


To quote the good professor again, “How's that hopey-changey thing workin' for ya?”

In this case with the changes in the Rules of Engagement laid upon our troops by the Obama administration, more American troops are being wounded or killed.

If they aren't going to be allowed to defend themselves then what the hell are they doing there? Or does Obama want to destroy the morale of our troops by painting targets on their backs? It seems that's his aim because we know he and his wife really dislike the military. But then again most of the Democrats we've had in the presidency after LBJ have had no use for the military.


I watched/listened to the New England Patriots/Cleveland Browns game and I have only one question to ask: What the hell is going on with officiating in the NFL this season? I have to say it has reached a low point, seeing missed calls, erroneous calls, greatly delayed calls, and incomprehensible calls by the referees. It hasn't been happening just at the Patriots games but a lot of football games.

As one of the radio commentators stated, the quality of the officiating this season has been dismal and has seriously affected the outcome of a number of games. I think the NFL has got to find a way to fix this problem or they're going to start losing fans.

BTW, the Patriots beat Cleveland, 27-26. It also looks like they may have lost Rob Gronkowski for the rest of the season after one of the Browns defenders, Ward, took out his knee after a pass reception.


Legal Insurrection shows us yet another case of a politically correct zero-tolerance policy gone awry. In this case a 10-year old boy is likely to be expelled from his elementary school for shooting and imaginary arrow like that seen in Hunger Games at a classmate.

Not a real arrow. An imaginary arrow. Using an imaginary bow.

These school officials need to lose their jobs. They are punishing kids for being kids and employing draconian punishments that far outweigh the seriousness of the supposed crime. And these a**holes are teaching our kids.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


It was moving day for Bogie as she made the move to her new home.


I received an unpleasant surprise when I went to the local pharmacy to pick up medicine for one of the feline residents here at The Manse. When I had the prescription run up at the register I found the cost of the medicine had gone up over 30% in less than four months. What had cost us $150 back in September now cost $208 today. Even the pharmacist didn't know why the cost had gone up so much.

I have to wonder whether the cost increase was a direct or indirect result of ObamaCare kicking in.


There is such a thing as too much tolerance. We're seeing that in Britain where incidents of Muslims trying to enforce sharia even on non-Muslims have been increasing. Three men were recently sentenced for doing such a thing but they received minimal sentences because the prosecutor decided not to prosecute them as religiously aggravated offenses.

If someone like the three fellows mentions in the article linked tried something like that here where I reside they would likely find themselves on the wrong end of a firearm aimed at center mass.


Are we suffering from a lack of trust, particularly when it comes to our government?

Yes. Yes we are.

Is it any wonder considering we have leaders who are willing to lie to us to push forth agendas and programs that do nothing but harm to the American people and the economy?


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where snow is on its way, the wood box is full, and the stove is stoked.