Manufacturing Intolerance Where It Doesn't Exist

It's bad enough we have to deal with the intolerance of the 'tolerant' Progressives, but when they seem to thing they have to stoop to manufacturing intolerance in order to push their agenda forward.

The Intolerance Pimps have realized that nobody really cares much about what other people do as long as they leave them alone. That's real tolerance. However, like global warmist alarmism, lots of people have a stake in perpetuating victimhood alarmism. Most turn out to be fakes going back to even before Al Sharpton.

Remember all those church burnings during Clinton's election? It was made into a big deal to promote black turnout. Turned out to be nothing. Small churches burn down regularly, it was shown after the election.

Looking back over insurance and fire investigation records proved the incidence of church fires was not any different before (or after) the election and that the causes were no different than any other fire. Yes, some fires were arson as arson is the cause of some percentage of fires. But that didn't stop the Democrats from blowing church fires all out of proportion.

There are plenty of other 'intolerance' incidents that turned out to be hoaxes or were blown out of proportion.

By now everyone knows that Dayna Morales, the lesbian waitress who claimed to have been denied a tip over her sexual orientation, was lying. It's not the first politically correct receipt hoax and it won't be the last. These hoaxes happen because leftist activists promote them and the media picks them up. The world is full of liars and con artists, but it's revealing to see which of their lies and cons succeed.

They are engaging in a fraud much bigger than a forged receipt; but they are doing it for the same reasons.

An identity defined in terms of victimhood needs fresh injections of oppression to sustain its existence. Those African-Americans who define "blackness" not in terms of positive values but in terms of negative values, need white racism, the real thing or the fake one, to remind them of who they are. And the same holds true for other oppressed minorities who define themselves not by their culture or values; but by their resentments.

This is the result of decades of activism to 'help' oppressed minorities of all stripes: turning anyone who might be offended by anything said or done by someone else into yet another victim of intolerance. There is, of course, one group that by definition can never be victims of anyone else's intolerance – white heterosexual men.