Another Casualty Of The War On Men

As a follow on to this post about yet another zero-tolerance debacle comes this from Dr. Helen about how the young boy has become another casualty in the War on Men.

Psychologically, I wonder what the culture is telling little six-year-old boys like Hunter Yelton when they accuse him of sexual harassment for kissing a girl. This used to be normal. Now, the PC police have taught him that girls are dangerous, that he is some type of pervert and that as a male, he is always suspect. This is a very bad lesson to learn. As boys grow up, more will opt out and decide not to get involved when women are present.

[Opting out] takes the form of men not wanting to marry as often, go to college where they are seen as some type of rapist, or even stop to help a child for fear of being charged as a pervert.

As time has passed and men (and boys) have be portrayed as idiots and rapists, or seen as nothing more than oppressors and an ATM, is it any wonder that men have taken themselves off the market? Why would any sane man put himself into a position where he's automatically classified as as one of the above? And how often have we seen various articles in women's magazines or relationship websites where the refrain from women is “Where have all the good men gone?” The answer is simple: They're in hiding.

My son is fortunate in that he's dating a girl that has not been polluted by all of the feminazi propaganda. But I also fear that once she starts attending the local state university their situation may change for the worst. My fear may be an overreaction because she is a level-headed girl. On the other hand many girls before her were just as level-headed when they started college but they ended up radicalized and became something unrecognizable. After all the “men are the cause of all problems..and they're [place the blame du jour here]” propaganda is all around, all day, every day.

I know that if I were a young man today I would want to stay as far away from women as I possibly could. After all, who needs that kind of grief? On the other hand, it seems that most of that crap is seen in urban and suburban areas and not quite so much in Flyover Country. (I consider much of my home state of New Hampshire as part of Flyover Country as we don't cotton to the damnfoolishness of the flatlanders from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.)