Old Soviet Era Jokes A Harbinger Of America's Future?

I have to admit that I was taken aback in delightful surprise when I read this, an old Soviet era joke, in Glenn Reynolds' USA Today column covering Obama's 'average' 2013.

Ivan: So how was your day?

Boris: Average.

Ivan: What do you mean, average?

Boris: Worse than yesterday, better than tomorrow. So, average.

That pretty much sums up the President's year. I'm hoping we don't experience the reality of two other Soviet era jokes that appear to be likely to come true.

Ivan: Welcome to the Soviet Union, the Land of Make Believe!

Boris: What do you mean?

Ivan: They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.


Ivan: Is this this the line for the store that has no shoes?

Boris: No, this is the line for the store that has no bread.

Once funny, these may instead be harbingers of things to come should Obama and his Progressive brethren ever get their way and turn the US into yet another socialist dystopia.