Another Delusional Useful Idiot

It seems one of our local leftists is at it again, this time saying the lies and deceptions used to create ObamaCare was justified, i.e “the end justifies the means.”

Along comes Obama who accomplished what five presidents before him couldn't do and gave us health care that "almost" puts us in line with the rest of the civilized world. Okay, so it took some fancy slight of hand to accomplish it. I don't think either political party seriously believes this is going to be repealed.

In the final analysis, "the end justifies the means". I really try to attribute good motives to our presidents . Trying to ease the burden of 40 million people and give them a decent chance in life in spite of all the Republican opposition to me is honorable.

So lies and deception are perfectly OK, particularly when the lies and deceptions are aimed at the American people?

My response:

In your contention that "the end justifies the means" you have shown your true colors, meaning that to you anything goes as long as you get what you and the other leftists think we need (or that you want). It doesn't matter if your intent is good as such a path always leads to hell (and I'm not talking about biblical hell, but Hell on Earth). While the context of your letter deals with Obamacare and the lies that were used to justify its passage and implementation, you expanded on it to show that you would have no problem expanding "the end justifies the means" reasoning to cover other actions you and your fellow travelers deem necessary.

For instance, would you use it as an excuse to round up those who oppose your political beliefs and put them into re-education camps in order to push your political agenda? Would you make it a thought crime to question the brilliance of your ideology? Would you be willing to kill millions of your fellow citizens in order to ensure "ideological purity" and to bring about your Progressive Utopia (the aforementioned Hell on Earth)? How far would you take "the end justifies the means"...? Would you be willing to become the next Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, or Saddam in order to ensure your ideology triumphs? Really, how far would you go?

Your kind of thinking is dangerous...as it shows a willingness to start down that slippery slope to totalitarianism. Either that or you are nothing more than what Lenin once called "a useful idiot".

I'm not the only one to respond to this useful idiot's delusional missive.

...he opined that "the end justifies the means" and indicated that it's just hunky dory for the president to lie and connive if that's what it takes to achieve his goals . . . whether we the people like it or not. He also indicated that it's naive on our part to expect otherwise. Oy vey!

Now, isn't that just hunky dory, too, for one of those erudite, condescending types, who teach our young people, to tell them it's okay to lie or deceive as long as it gets you what you want. That's some lesson plan!

Oh, yeah. I forgot. The useful idiot teaches at one of our local state universities. That certainly explains his total disconnect from the real world as he's shielded by the ivory towers of academia.

And so it goes.