The Effects Of ObamaCare Now Coming To Light

As the effects of ObamaCare start to manifest themselves, more people are asking what the hell Congress was thinking when they passed that stinking pile of manure masquerading as legislation. Nancy Pelosi's pronouncement that the House would have to pass it in order for us to find out what was in it showed the arrogance of the progressive Democrats, implying the rest of us 'common folk' couldn't possibly understand what they were trying to do. Unfortunately most Americans understood perfectly what Pelosi and Reid were trying to do, that being taking more control over our lives and crippling a sixth of the American economy all in the name of 'fairness'. (I still don't know what they mean by this as their definition of the term has little in common with that found in the dictionary. All I do know is that it bodes ill for us.)

One of the major downsides to ObamaCare is that it will do little to contain costs and will, in the end, create a shortage of medical treatment as more of those in the health profession bail, seeing their chosen professions turn from a calling into nothing more than a factory job in what will become factory medicine, with treatments decided by 'management' (aka government bureaucrats) rather than the doctors. We've seen this happen before. There have been more than a few examples of this in other countries, the UK and Canada but two instances.

As the government health care bureaucracy expands to take up an ever increasing amount of money, the funds that would normally go to actually treating patients will diminish. We've seen that happen before as well. Costs will go up and care will go down. Something will have to give.

When you make radical policy changes and remove market correctives from functioning, the only outcome following trouble is government takeover. The American citizen is showing a greater willingness each year to borrow from the future and take a step back from personal responsibility while preferring group support. Once that approach gathers steam, it crosses a line from which only the government is big and strong enough to act with a single voice.

And that single voice will demand more and more and more until the people have nothing left, unless we can do something about this horrible program and get rid of it. Otherwise we are doomed to the future the regressive “Progressives” have planned for us, that being serfdom to the all consuming State.