Six Famous You Might Not Know Were Engineers

I found this article to be rather compelling, that being 6 famous people you may not know are engineers.

Of the six listed, there were two I hadn't known were engineers. And yes, I knew the first on the list was an engineer and inventor.

Others to be added to the list include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Winston Churchill, Gene Pitney (country western music), Michael Bloomberg (mayor of New York City), Robert Altman (movie director), Judd Hirsch (actor), Dolph Lundgren (actor), Erland Van Lidth (actor), Frank Capra (movie director), Howard Hawks (movie director), Ally Walker (actress), Garry Shandling (actor/comedian), Rowan Atkinson (actor/comedian - Mr. Bean), Herbie Hancock (musician), Ashton Kutcher (actor), and, believe it or not, Cindy Crawford.