Fair Share

Since President Obama believes that even with the tax hikes, we still aren't paying our fair share, I have to ask the clueless Teleprompter-In-Chief “What is our 'fair share'?” As always, 'fair share' is a moving target, one that moves in one direction - upwards. (I have a feeling the ultimate answer is 'every penny you make.')

While Obama says he's targeting the rich, I get the feeling that 'rich' is a variable, that it changes depending on who it is he's talking to at any given moment. As I have stated more than once, I believe his real definition of rich is “anyone with a job.”

He wants total control over all government spending and no limits on how much he spends..and he wants us to pay for it. The problem is that none of his spending will fix the economic problems facing the nation. The proof of that can be seen with the reckless deficit spending he's already accomplished ($6 trillion so far) which has returned very little, except to his cronies. We're the ones stuck with the bill.

What makes this worse is that our clown of a president doesn't have a clue about how economies work, nor does he want to. He knows he's right and that's all that matters. It doesn't help matters that many of his advisers have no real experience in the real world (not that he listens to them anyways unless they propose really awful ideas that do more to damage the economy than fix it).

The one lesson our President needs to learn that many of his predecessors knew – A president can damage an economy trying to fix it. The only true way to fix an economy is to get out of the way.

(H/T Instapundit)