Obama Uses The "If It Only Saves One Life" Canard

I wasn't sure he would do it, but President Obama, while announcing his plans for more gun control, used the old “If it saves only one life it will be worth it” lie.

Why do I call it a lie? Simple: That “one life” will be paid for by the deaths of other innocents who should have been able to protect themselves but were denied that right. No one talks about that aspect of the do-nothing feel-good laws and regulations the president and others wish to impose upon us because it doesn't fit the narrative promulgated by the Left, that being that guns in and of themselves are evil because they can be used to kill people. Most other folks know them for what they are – tools. And like any tool they can be used for good or evil. It all depends upon who wields that tool and for what purpose.

Neal Boortz delves into the issue, showing how the Democrats are incapable of focusing on the truly important issues and wasting time and effort on something that makes them feel better but that in the end will not solve the problem as they claim it will. (Yes, I know Brent linked this same piece the other day, but it's worth linking to again.)

Some excerpts from Neal's post:

2. Democrats find it much easier to push a gun control agenda than they do to deal with issues of true and vital importance to our Republic.  When we are mourning and burying 20 young children the emotions of the people are raw.  It’s time to exploit those emotions for political gain.  Americans, unfortunately, will never be this emotional about the fiscal disaster they face.  And I’m not talking about this meaningless “fiscal cliff.”  I’m talking about our nearly $1 trillion … that’s TRILLION … in unfunded liabilities and our current unsustainable level of spending. The highest in terms of our gross domestic product ever.  But you’ve read all about this in the mainstream media, haven’t you?  Oh, you haven’t?  Well, I’m sure they’re preparing their in-depth stories right now.

3. This year 446 school age children have been shot in Chicago, and 62 have died.  There has been NO push from the left for gun control resulting from the carnage in Chicago.  Odd, don’t you think?  By the way, Chicago has some of the most stringent gun control laws in the country.  I’m sure you’ve seen these statistics on your favorite network television newscast, haven’t you?  Wait!  What?

6. In the past week we have had two stories about a 14-year-old at home without an adult when a burglar entered the home.  In one the 14-year-old knew where his dad’s gun was, and knew how to use it.  The intruder was shot.  In the other the 14-year-old had no means to defend himself.  His father found his body when he came home from work at the end of the day.  He had been shot.   Have you read a juxtaposition of these two stories in your mainstream newscast?  Didn’t think so.

So rather than focusing on truly important, though less emotionally compelling issues, our attention is drawn to a tragedy that is being played to the maximum to elicit an emotional response to something that is a very rare occurrence to push legislation that will do little to prevent a future tragedy of the same kind. They gun control advocates choose to ignore the evidence that it is not 'average people with guns' committing these heinous crimes, but emotionally disturbed, or dare I say, deranged people committing these acts. Focus should be on the people and not the tools. By disarming the law-abiding citizens all anyone is ensuring is higher body counts when such acts are perpetrated in the future.