Is Obama's Hostility Part Of His Narcissism?

I came across this while perusing the comments section of this WSJ opinion piece by Peggy Noonan, where she pummels the President for his belief that only he has good faith and therefore any program, action, spending, or regulation he wants will only be on his terms, and his terms are always hostile.

While some may call Obama's persistent belief that his opinion is the only one that matters an symptom of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder – which it may very well be – it is more likely the Hubris-Nemesis Complex (not that it doesn't rule out NPD). It is described as follows:

"In other words, they have a “hubris-nemesis complex,” a special and potentially dangerous mindset that combines hubris (a pretension toward an arrogant form of godliness) and nemesis (a vengeful desire to confront, defeat, humiliate, and punish an adversary that may itself be accused of hubris)."

"In such leaders, the complex means more than exhibiting hubris and nemesis as separate qualities. The interaction between, and integration of, the two forces appears to result in something more complex, more pathological, than the description of either force may imply at first glance. To be as powerful as their hubris requires, they must be the nemesis of an external power; indeed, it is part of their hubris to be such a nemesis. At the same time, to fulfill the nemesis role against such a power, they must personally possess absolute power at home and expand their power and presence abroad—they must be capable of hubris."

"A Destructive-Constructive Messianism. A hubris-nemesis leader believes himself to be—and presents himself as being—a virtual messiah or savior who is on a crusade and has a fate, destiny, or mission that is historic, both timeless and time-changing in its implications. All is politicized in the name of the mission and the high principles it engages. Combining constructive with destructive tendencies, he proposes to accomplish monumental projects that will confirm his and his nation’s greatness. Such projects, if achieved, may bring material progress, but their purpose goes beyond that. They symbolize the leader’s desire to direct vast energies at constructing something awesome that commands widespread respect and honor and enhances people’s feelings of pride and dignity, thereby validating his leadership and his conception of his and his nation’s abilities. Meanwhile, he seeks to blame and attack the chosen enemy and its imperious ways for his nation’s weaknesses and failures to live up to its hopes and capabilities"

Sound familiar? Obama certainly fits that description to a 't'. He promises great things and cures to what ails us, but doesn't present any actual plan about how to get there other than tired old platitudes that we already know won't work. He merely wraps it in new verbiage. He dismisses any opposition to his ideas as not being worth wasting his time, particularly when those opposing him are too blind to see his greatness, as far as he's concerned. All triumphs are his and all failures someone else's fault. And worst of all he ignores Rule #51: “Sometimes - you're wrong.”

(H/T Charles Hammons)