To ID Or Not ID, That Is The Question

The Wall Street Journal posited the question “Should voters have to show identification?”

The poll included with this group discussion showed over 89% of those taking the poll agreed that voters should be required to show ID.

The comments posted to that question showed the typical dichotomy between Republican and Democrat respondents, with Republicans favoring voter ID and Democrats opposed.

One of the most used arguments against the idea was the claim that requiring ID would disfranchise the poor and minorities, but it's been shown more than once that the argument is specious. (BTW, the term “disenfranchise” is meaningless. The correct word is “disfranchise”.)

While the need to obtain proper ID may be a burden to some, that number is very small. Most of the poor and minorities cited as examples of why voter ID would be discriminatory already have the required ID. They have to have it in order to receive government benefits, cash checks, pick up certain prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines, use EBT/credit/debit cards, and a perform a host of other activities. Many of those same “poor and minorities” have drivers licenses, one of the acceptable forms of ID. Why would it be any more of a problem to present ID to vote? It would certainly reduce the ability to commit voter fraud.

My home state had a trial run for voter ID earlier this month during the September 11th state primaries. The election was used to inform voters that proper ID will be required in order to vote in the nationwide elections on November 6th.

What are your thoughts on the matter?