Thoughts On A Sunday

The Labor Day Weekend is half gone and the crowds seen here are impressive.

Folks are making the best of the last weekend of the summer season. (Yes, I know summer doesn't officially end until the 22nd of this month, but to all intents and purposes most of the summer activities that have been going on since Memorial Day weekend come to a close.) Deb headed out to the Seacoast with a friend from work to see comedian Gabriel Iglesias. (She says the show was great.) BeezleBub spent last evening working at the farm's corn maze. (They had a record number for an opening evening.) And I headed up to Plymouth for an evening of food and chat with Submarine Tim's boss, Dawn at one of our favorite restaurants. (It was packed 10 minutes after we got there, meaning our timing was just right. The parking lot was full of vehicles with out of state plates, meaning Dawn and I were likely one of the few locals there last evening.)


I wish I could say I got the decks at The Manse stained today, but the weather didn't cooperate, with clouds and occasional showers. However the weather forecast says Monday will be clear and sunny, meaning I can get a good portion of that task done then.


While watching GMA this morning, they played a bit of a speech by President Obama in Iowa yesterday. I thought it ironic that he accused Mitt Romney of claiming he knew how to create jobs but not revealing how he planned to do so.

Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? (No, that isn't racist.) Obama has made grandiose promises over the past 4 years, but never once told anyone how he would go about making them come to be. He's big on promises yet rarely carries through on them, except for the one where he said he'd necessarily make energy prices skyrocket. It figures that's the one he'd manage to keep.

It all comes down to the Democrats accusing the GOP of doing what it is they themselves are doing.

We'll see how that plays in Peoria.


Much abuse has been heaped upon Bain Capital by the Left. But I find it interesting that many of the same groups excoriating Bain as eeevvviilllll have also parked over $1.5 billion in funds with Bain. (That's “billion”, with a “b”.)

As Glenn Reynolds comments, “Republicans should challenge these lefty groups to divest, or shut up.”



More then once I've commented on the lack of Obama campaign signs here in portions of New Hampshire. During my travels yesterday which took me through three towns I hadn't been through lately, I noticed the same lack. In college-town Plymouth I didn't see a single Obama sign, even on the Plymouth State University campus. (I didn't go through the entire campus. But unlike the previous election where Obama signs popped up like dandelions right around this time of the election cycle, there weren't any to be seen.)

Is this an indicator that Obama is in big trouble? Or is his campaign organization husbanding its financial resources for a final push after the convention, knowing Romney's campaign has been raising a lot more money than they have? Is this also indicative that Obama's in trouble?


By way of Eric the Viking comes these two bits of news the Democrats could do without just before the DNC convention: US auto production is set to plunge by most in 16 months, and the US debt is about to hit $16 trillion on Labor Day.

Yeah, that'll be something to crow about on the convention floor.

Of course I expect the DNC to lay the blame entirely on the GOP despite the fact that it's been a Democrat president and his cronies in Congress – Pelosi and Reid - who boosted the federal debt by 50% in less than four years.


Much has been made of the fact that Mitt Romney made a trip to visit storm-ravaged Louisiana before President Obama. Much of this from the MSM, and some of it criticizing Romney for stealing Obama's thunder.

Why did Obama wait so long before going to Louisiana? He didn't want to change his planned campaign stops.

It wasn't like Hurricane Isaac sprung up out of nowhere, surprising everyone. Yet President Obama put off visiting the disaster area until well after storm had passed, finally canceling a campaign trip to Cleveland, Ohio. But once he made that visit, he was off to Toledo, Ohio and back on the campaign trail.

So campaigning was far more important to the President than visiting a storm-ravaged red state?

At least we now know exactly where his priorities lie, and it ain't with the “little people”.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summerfolk are making the best use of their time on this last weekend of summer, the BBQ's are running full tilt, and where some of us wuill be laboring on Labor Day.