Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been relatively quiet around The Manse this weekend. The large crowds of summerfolk have dwindled now that school is back in session, so it's only the weekenders making the trip to the lake. And even then it's mostly those folks with summer cottages and lake houses making the trip. For the most part the rental business has slacked off.

BeezleBub worked at the farm, though last night's activities (running the farm's corn maze) was canceled due to the heavy rain and wind we experienced last night. He couldn't get together with Horse Girl because she was out of town, so he had a rather sedate night at home.

Deb worked at her job and on her homework for school. (She started her nursing program classes this past week.)

About all I had to do was some painting on The Manse's main deck and some laundry. Some of that was curtailed due to the rain and wind. (I have to wait for the still unstained wood on the deck to dry before I continue applying stain.)


Now that the GOP and Democrat conventions are done, the campaign ads have kicked in to high gear. That's going to get old real quick. I think that most folks have already made up their minds.

Of course we'll have to wait for the so-called October Surprise. I expect the Dems will pull something out of the old Chicago Democrat Political Machine Playbook to try and paint Romney as some kind of deviant, monster, or other type of social reprobate. It wouldn't be the first time something like that has been pulled by Obama's campaign team. ('Someone' released the sealed divorce documents of his GOP opponent, Jack Ryan, during their 2004 election run for the US Senate. Ryan eventually dropped out of the race.)


At least there will be less voter fraud in some states during the upcoming November elections.

My home state of New Hampshire now requires ID in order to vote. The 'dry run' of the voter ID requirement will be implemented during the statewide primaries being held this coming Tuesday. No one will be prevented from voting Tuesday, but it gives the election officials the opportunity to fine tune the system and to inform voters of the need to present a valid ID to vote come the nationwide elections in November. No ID, no vote.

And before people start screaming about “poor voters being disenfranchised by the onerous requirements”, these same poor have to have valid ID in order to collect benefits from the state, to cash checks, or to pick up certain OTC and prescription medications. Many of the poor already have drivers licenses, so the argument that they will be locked out of the voting process are nonsense.

But it will keep the dead from voting.


I think the headline on this says it all:

“Son, you were going 160 miles an hour OVER THE SPEED LIMIT.”

I. Want. One.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Could it be that blue state Connecticut may be shifting a bit to the red?

Between an ineffective tax-tax-tax-and-spend Democrat governor deeply beholden to the public employees unions, and GOP candidate Linda McMahon leading Democrat Chris Murphy in the race for retiring Senator Joe Lieberman's seat, it could be that the taxpayers (and voters) in the Nutmeg State have had just about enough of the blue model.

What's striking is that it appears many of the rank-and-file members of the labor unions in Connecticut are supporting McMahon in her run.

If McMahon wins, she'll be the first Republican senator from Connecticut since Lowell Weicker, and he was more liberal that most Democrats.

(H/T Instapundit)


The New England Patriots played their first game of the regular season against the Titans, beating them 34-13.

With the many changes seen in both the defense and offense, it's going to be interesting to see how well they'll do this season. The pre-season games weren't an indicator by any means as it was mostly second and third string players along with the new players the Pats picked up during the off-season who played.


Watching this evening's ABC World News, you'd think Barack Obama has the election all sewed up. The latest Gallup daily poll has Obama over Romney by 49% to 44%. But as we always have to remember that polls, particularly at this stage of the game, mean very little. The only poll that counts is the on held on November 6th. And if the economy weakens, as some have projected it will, it is unlikely Obama will win a second term, the polls notwithstanding.


I know recycling is supposed to be a socially acceptable activity, helping to “save the planet”. But it's not such a great thing to do with speeches, particularly speeches that commemorate one of the greatest tragedies in American history. And in this case a speech from the President of the United States.

As Cap'n Teach tells us, President Obama “mailed it in” in regards to commemorating That Awful Day. Frankly, I expected better.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the summerfolk are fewer in number, the weather is good, and the the lake water temps are still in the 70's.