Thoughts On A Sunday

The summer-like weather has fled for the time being, with night time temps in the upper 30's and day temps in the upper 60's/lower 70's. This change prompted me to pull out the air conditioner from the dining room window and replace the screen. The air conditioner now sits down in the basement until next summer. There are still two more to remove but those will wait until later today or some time during the week.

Summer chores are slowly winding down while fall chores start taking their place. I still have decks and front steps requiring refinishing but I hope to get those done by the end of next week, weather permitting. Brush needs to be cut back again, the lawn (what little there is of it) requires mowing but with the mower deck set lower, and the parking area next to the garage needs to be cleaned up to allow firewood deliveries some time over the next couple of weeks. The chimney sweeps will be here in a little over a week to clean the chimney in preparation of the coming heating season. (Firewood is cheap. Propane is not.)

And how are your fall preparations coming?


Despite the water-carrying the MSM is doing for Obama, the narrative has been shifting from Romney's perceived 'deficiencies' to Obama's failures, both foreign and domestic.

His Middle East foreign policy has been shown to be a disaster – Egypt and Libya were just starters. Tied in with that he seems more than willing to allow foreign religious fanatics to dictate to us what can and can't be said despite our Constitution saying we have freedom of speech.

He has no understanding of economics, and doesn't want to. He's placed ever higher burdens on business and individuals and he wonders why the economy has recovered and is headed back down. He blocks much needed construction projects that will help ensure our energy independence but is willing to waste billions of tax dollars on 'alternative' energy sources that will never meet more than a very small percentage of our energy needs. He ignores laws he doesn't like, interferes with laws on the behalf of his 'supporters', and has no problem lying to the people and then doing just the opposite of what he promised.

No amount of the MSM's effort to paint his incompetence, malfeasance, and non-feasance as 'success' will prevent the truth from being known. There are too many ways around the propaganda that portrays itself as news.


And speaking of the MSM and it's increasing irrelevance, there's this little gem that exposes how uncaring the MSM has become. They no longer look at the unintended consequences of their actions, feel no remorse in endangering others to 'get their story', and have shifted from being the “preventers of tyranny” to the enablers.


Eric the Viking offers his take on the whole embassy attacks/YouTube movie protests issue.


Susan Duclos points out there have been four days of terror attacks since 9/11/12 and Obama has spent three of them campaigning. Susan also gives us this:

Protests have spread from Egypt and Libya and now have been reported in Australia, Germany, Tunisia, more in Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Gaza, Syria, Lebanon,  Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey England, Israel, Nigeria, Malaysia, Bangladesh and India among other locales, just to name a few from CNN.

Does anyone truly believe that a clip that had been up for over 2 months (see here), coincidentally became known in time to spark worldwide anti-American protests on September 11, the anniversary of the worst terrorist attack on American soil?

As she also states, the attacks were preplanned and used the protests as cover.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


Cap'n Teach wonders: Why the Arab World is so easily offended?

One possible cause: Cap'n Teach thinks they're still a little pissed about the Mongol invasion in the 13th century that tore apart the Caliphate. It could also be that they're trying to keep their culture stuck in the 13th century, but the West insists upon living in the 21st century.


David Starr dumps on David Gregory of Meet The Pressfor his trying to bait Benjamin Netanyahu into saying something damaging to Israel.

As David writes: “...Gregory is not a trustworthy newsman. He is partisan, out grinding his axes.”


The New England Patriots played the Arizona Cardinals in Foxboro today...and lost. It was their first home opener loss in 10 years.

It was a low scoring game and, quite frankly, the Patriots didn't do all the great a job. What's worse is they they were in a position to win the game with a field goal and their kicker, Gostkowsi, missed by a mile! He never misses by that much.


One more trip over to Cap'n Teach's place points us to the foolishness that is the EPA and its demand that we use more food crops for fuel.

From many examples we know ethanol is a loser, between eating up valuable food stocks and driving up food prices, causing problems with fuel systems, decreasing fuel economy, creating more CO2 than using straight unblended gasoline, and not cutting back our dependence on foreign oil by one iota. (All we need to do to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil is to be allowed to fully develop our own oil and natural gas resources, but Obama and EPA won't let us do that.)


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where cooler nights prevail, the crowds of summerfolk isn't as small as we expected them to be, and a long list of summer chores are still undone.