Anti-Obama Signs Stir Up Controversy In Blue State Massachusetts

Apparently some anti-Obama signs down in Hanson, Massachusetts have created something of a controversy. The two signs, put on private property by the property owner, have generated both ire and applause.

A few homemade billboard signs in Hanson, Mass., have generated considerable controversy for their inflammatory anti-Obama messages.

Sitting on the property of motorcycle accessories distributor Sullivans Inc., one large sign shows President Barack Obama with a caption that reads: “Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.”

“Obama One Big Ass Mistake America, Vote Mitt Romney for 2012!” it reads below the main headline. The communist symbolic images of the hammer and sickle are on the president’s shirt collar.

Several feet away, another sign shows a pouting young girl giving the middle-finger to the president. “Thanks, Obama,” begins the caption in bold red letters, and then continues in child-like penmanship: “You’ve spent my lunch money, my allowance, my inheritance, 35 years of future paychecks and my retirement. You jerk.”

While the first sign displays the displeasure felt by the property owner towards out Socialist In Chief, the second is closer to the truth than most people realize. The President has mortgaged our children's futures, leaving them to pay the bills run up by him, Pelosi, and Reid. (I'm not saying the GOP has no skin in this game, but you have to admit that Obama has increased the debt greatly – about 50% - in a very short period of time with help from the Democrats in Congress.)

I have a feeling we'll see more signs like this showing up the closer we get to November, particularly the second one.