Thoughts On A Sunday

The above normal temperatures we experienced over the past couple of weeks have been affecting the vegetation. Sugaring season ended early as with warm nighttime temps the sap doesn't flow as well and starts to thicken up. Buds have appeared on trees, and in some cases, leaves have started appearing. (A black birch tree just behind The Manse already has leaves showing as are a number of white birches elsewhere on our property.)

Ice Out on Lake Winnipesaukee occurred the earliest date on record, though BeezleBub reminded me that the only reason for that is because it is a leap year. If not for that then Ice Out this year would have been on the same day as a previous early Ice Out. (Ice Out was declared on March 23rd, but if would have been March 24th if this was not a leap year.)

Over the next week or so we'll be experience cooler temps, though they might still be above normal for this time of year. Today we had some much needed rain as with the warm temps the fire danger was quite high.


Glenn Reynolds links and comments about the Trayvon Martin shooting, pointing out that all is not as it appears to be. Witnesses are now saying that things did not go down the way the media has been claiming and that Zimmerman did act in self-defense.

Glenn also makes references to the Bonfire of the Vanities and the Richard Jewell case.

No matter how this turns out Zimmerman is going to have a target on his back.

Oh, one more thing to add fuel to the fire: a Florida Democrat operative has somehow linked the shooting to the Koch Brothers.

Is there anything the Koch Brothers can't do?


Wirecutter explains why he got into blogging. While his reasons are different from mine, they aren't all that different.


Jim over at Parkway Rest Stop is seeking some advice about a computer problem he's having dealing with not being able to see some types of streaming video. He's done some checking online and come across a couple fixes, but he's asking whether he should download and install these 'fixes'.

Anyone out there want to tackle his question?


I was sitting here in front of the Official Weekend Pundit Main Computer when I heard the distinctive 'beep' of someone pushing the power button on one of the UPSes here in the office.

I turned around and saw that Hilda was standing on top of the UPS connected to Deb's computer, looking quite pleased with herself. Unfortunately when she stepped on the power button she shut off the power to Deb's computer.


Top Industry Leader: “Obama is the most anti-business president in my lifetime.”

Gee, ya think?

It seems every time the president comes up with a new “plan” to revive the economy, it usually entails either tax increases on the rich and businesses, more onerous regulations on businesses, or tax incentives that sound good to the media but won't do squat to increase employment. An example is his plan to create tax incentives for businesses to hire more workers. He obviously doesn't understand that businesses only hire when they need more workers. They won't hire anyone if they have nothing for them to do, tax incentives or not. That's a good way for businesses to go out of business.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Ten things you didn't know about Mister Rogers.

Very cool.

(H/T Scary Yankee Chick)


Cap'n Teach links us to the top 15 signs at a religious freedom rally that you'll never see in the media.

It's amazing how many of those supporting the government's edict that religious organizations must fund birth control choose to ignore the First Amendment when it comes to religious freedom.


Cap'n Teach also schools us in regards to debunking a number of Obamacare myths. I particularly like Myth #3, where supporters seem to think that even of the Supreme Court shoots down the individual mandate, the rest of the law will still apply. However the suits brought by 27 states do not include severability, meaning that if the Supremes decide the individual mandate is not covered by either the Commerce Clause or the Necessary and Proper Clause, and therefore unconstitutional, the entire law is struck down.

In light of the recent 9-0 decision by the Court that slapped down an on overreaching EPA, I have a feeling the Justices will strike down Obamacare as well, seeing it as yet another overreach by the federal government trying to force citizens to purchase a good or service in order to maintain good standing with the government.

I've seen some comments and letters to the editor trying to equate the individual mandate in Obamacare to laws requiring drivers to purchase auto insurance, but it's a straw man argument. First, a number of states do not require motorists to have insurance. Second, driving is not a right, but a privilege. Third, neither the federal government or state governments force anyone to get a driver license or purchase a car if they have no desire to drive.


David Starr brings up an important point that too many people in the power industry are ignoring: the power grid is becoming increasingly vulnerable to hackers.

He points out where some power operations are connected together by way of the Internet, and far too many power operations use Windows for their computers. This is a formula for disaster. All power grid networks should be separate from the 'net and the really important computers should be using anything but Windows. There are too many vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers to shut down or damage our power grid.


Assistant Village Idiot looks into the Grandfather Paradox and other related alternative history ideas.


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer weather has fled, leaves are popping out on trees, and where the ice is gone from the lake.