Thoughts On A Sunday

Though the Weather Guys™ didn't exactly come through for us yesterday (it barely broke 50ºF here), it still wasn't all that bad a day.

I didn't get done nearly what I'd hoped yesterday, but more than made up for it today. It was nice being able to open the windows and air things out. This also let me clean the windows, which now let in even more sunlight!

With today's warm weather (70ºF!) I was able to hang my first loads of laundry out on the Official Weekend Pundit Clothesline. This is the earliest I've ever been able to do that since we've had it up. And if I recall correctly the last load hung this past fall was in late October just before our Halloween snowstorm.


With the warmer weather we've been enjoying I've let the Official Weekend Pundit Woodstove go out and go cold. No need to run it or the propane furnace if it's above 65ºF in The Manse. I am certainly not complaining about the mild winter we've had as it's meant less work for me and BeezleBub and less firewood burned to keep things warm.

If this is global warming, then bring it on!


Bogie and her WS went shooting yesterday, trying to “get back into the groove.” They tried out some of those 2” X 2” reactive targets, the kind that go “BOOM” when you hit them dead center.



Adam Minter may have a solution to the problem of Asian carp invading US inland waters: catch them and sell them to China.

To the US they are an invasive species causing havoc in a number of major US rivers and lakes. To the Chinese they are a much in demand delicacy, preferred over farm raised carp.

It would certainly help balance the trade deficit with China. As the saying goes, the Chinese word for “trouble” is also the same word for “opportunity”. Best that we take the opportunity to make the best of the trouble we have with a certain Asian fish.

(H/T Instapundit)


A new Rasmussen poll shows 58% of American adults believe in an across the board income tax rate. I do, too. Everyone should have skin in the game. The fact that just under 50% of American workers pay no income tax is not a good thing as they have nothing to lose if those who are taxed are burdened even more.

While the Left cries that the rich should pay their “fair share”, they have never defined what that fair share is other than “more than they do now.” It's a moving target and no matter how much the rich pay it will never be enough. Eventually there will be no more rich to tax because one of two scenarios will occur: the rich will be impoverished and the economy will collapse, or the rich will flee and take their wealth with them which in turn will cause the economy to collapse. Either way we all lose.

A flat rate lets everyone feel the pain.


Cap'n Teach explains that because we drove cars, Alaska suffered from record snowfall and record cold.

As the Cap'n comments, “In the past, back when there were more sane people, this would simply be “the weather.” ”

The Cap'n also links to a Scientific American blog post that outlines a solution to the problem: a worldwide tyranny that will kill you if you don't stop trying to live your life in the 21st Century rather than the 14th Century.

But then that's what the Progressives want for us. They'll be the only ones allowed to enjoy the fruits of 21st Century technology. After all they have to keep an eye on us and it's hard work oppressing the masses and keeping them in their places.


Glenn Reynolds links to and comments about how batteries are the limiting factor for all these new 4G phones, tablets, and other connected technology.

That's been a problem with some of the equipment I help design. We try to use every power saving technique and technology to ensure the instruments we make will last for an 8 hour shift when used out in the field. Sometimes we've been able to use a bigger battery, but even that solution quickly reaches the point of diminishing returns as the battery becomes more expensive and is almost as large as the instrument it's powering.


And that's the abbreviated news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where summer weather is here in spades, we've been outside enjoying it, and where I still haven't gotten all the work around the house anywhere near done.