In Like A Lion

The remnants of the weather system that devastated the South made its way through New England over night and through the morning.

Here at Lake Winnipesaukee we got between about 2 inches of snow before it changed over to freezing rain (briefly) and then full on rain.

I was out at 7 this morning with the Official Weekend Pundit Snowblower removing the 2 inches of snowfall. I didn't want it left on the driveway when the rain arrived. All it would do under those circumstances is turn into a slushy mix that would later freeze into a solid mass of ice, making the driveway impassable.

Right around 11AM the first rumbles of thunder were heard and the light drizzle turned into a downpour. Normally I wouldn't have cared one way or the other, but I was just leaving The Manse on my way to the dump. It made driving the first couple of miles...interesting.

About 20 minutes later I was at the dump and just as I started unloading the trash barrels bags from the back of the trusty F150 another thunderstorm started dumping both rain and hail. It made for a miserable time emptying the truck of the trash and recyclables. By the time I was done – a little over 2 minutes later - my jacket was soaked through. It made for a miserable ride back home.

As Deb commented earlier this morning, she hates March because the weather is so crazy. We went from below freezing temperatures and snow fall to 'tropical' downpours with lightning and thunder in less than 4 hours.

About the only upside to this story is that with all the rain and now warmer temps most of the ice and snow left behind on the driveway after using the snowblower had melted or was washed away by 1PM. I never had to break out the sand to ensure good traction.

From what I understand we're in for some well above normal temperatures later this coming week. That suits me just fine.