Thoughts On A Sunday

It's been quiet around The Manse this weekend. Not that I'm complaining.

BeezleBub worked all weekend at the farm, managing to get some time at the end of the day to use his new kayak out on Lake Opechee.

Deb visited with the WP Parents and the oldest WP Sister, then spent some time with one of her friends from work on a Girl's Day Out.

And me, I spent time dealing with the usual chores around The Manse, as well as a small computer problem that drove me to distraction until I got it squared away.


I happened to catch a small portion of this morning's Good Morning America as they covered the visit of William and Kate. One thing one of the hosts said made me stop and think about how much importance being attached to this visit, and how, in the end, far too much is being made about it.

As I recall, the host made mention about Kate's attire, and how everyone in America is wondering what she's wearing.

I'm not. I could care less what she's wearing, or who designed it, or how many times she changed outfits during the day. Somehow I doubt more than a few fashionistas really care at all. Yet somehow this is news?

How far we have fallen!


While I've known this is true about liberals, or more specifically, the liberals and their sycophants in the press, John Hinderaker defines the problem far more succinctly than I could.

He boils it down to this:

It is a phenomenon we see over and over again: a liberal will make a wild accusation or engage in defamatory speculation about a political opponent. The accusation will then be taken up by left-wingers across the internet and, if it looks promising, it will be repeated in far-left newspapers like the New York Times. Liberals everywhere will eat it up and elaborate on it. Then, in due course, it will be proved entirely baseless.

What happens next? Do liberal web sites, columnists and reporters retract their fictitious claims and apologize? Hardly ever. By the time the truth comes out, they have moved on to some new libel or conspiracy theory. The truth remains a stranger to most of the readers who rely on such dishonest sources for information.

How many times over the years have wee seen this? How many times over the past four years have we seen this?

Too many times to count. Yet they still get away with it.


Sister Toldjah follows up on this meme, showing how media bias and liberal lies far too often become “fact”. No amount of evidence to the contrary will convince them otherwise.

(H/T Maggie's Farm)


Speaking of liberal “facts”, how about the one where military spending is greater than entitlement spending? The problem: it's not true.

At the moment entitlement spending is twice that of military spending. Entitlement spending has been greater than military spending since 1976 and there's no indication that trend won't continue.

Where does this information come from? The White House Office of Management and Budget.

Somehow I doubt the Left will be able to spin that as some kind of GOP conspiracy.


This Ain't Hell shows us a spoiled, entitled ditz who doesn't support our troops because “they gun down 5 year-olds.”

She's a living example of the aforementioned liberal lies that somehow become “facts”. No one this unintelligent should be allowed to vote...or procreate.

(H/T Pirate's Cove)


And now for a climate change three-fer.

First, it's Anthony Watts covering the madness that is the Carbon Tax in Australia. And the Aussies are pissed off that their Prime Minister has decided it's such a good thing even though they don't.

Second, there's this from Dr. Roy Spencer talking about how surface sea temperatures are still not rising and how global oceanic reflected light has increased, meaning sea surface temperatures are likely to continue to fall.

And last, but not least, there's Stuart Shapiro saying this about climate change: “What anyone who considers themselves part of the reality based community can’t argue, however, is that the best response is to wait and see what happens.”


And that's the news from Lake Winnipesaukee, where the weather has been quite pleasant, the yard work is never ending, and where – once again – Monday is returning all too soon.