Obama Really Doesn't Understand Economics...And Doesn't Want To

As we move closer to 2012, it has become increasingly apparent to those not previously cognizant that President Obama is, to put it in terms everyone can understand, an economic moron. Part of this lack of understanding can be laid at his upbringing and lack of a real-world education.

Between his parents, step parent, grandparents, and his pastor of 20 years, he was fed a continuous diet of anti-Americanism. We have no idea what he really learned in school, particularly at college (his transcripts are sealed). While speaking about bringing people together, his actions have done nothing but divided them. This is particularly true when it comes to economics, where it appears he's pulling his 'fixes' out of the past, with liberal doses of Marxist economic theory blended with the worst of the failed economic policies of FDR and Jimmy Carter. He really doesn't see why his efforts to fix the economy have failed or why his popularity has fallen so precipitously. Could it be because he's in over his head, being so ill-prepared and undereducated in how things really work?

That certainly seems to be the case, particularly in light of his most recent presser where he engaged in “false choices and demagoguery” rather than offering solid proposals. He talks about reaching a compromise with the Republican members of the House, but I get the feeling he's still defining compromise as “Sit down, shut up, and vote the way I tell you to vote.” That hasn't worked since the Democrat takeover of the House and Senate back in 2006, and is less likely to work today since the GOP retook the House last fall.

All any of this shows us is that he really doesn't get it, doesn't understand how the economy works, and isn't interested in learning how it works. Instead he wants the economy to bend to his will. Unfortunately he will learn, as did King Canute, that the economy won't listen to him. The more he tries to bend it to his will, the worst it will get and the more those who actually drive the economy will rebel, just as they have to date. All he will do is to motivate even more people to “go Galt”, driving more of the economic activity underground and away from the prying eyes of The One Term Wonder.