Debt Crisis Fatigue Is Getting Me Down

I must admit to being on the edge of Debt Crisis Fatigue after being bombarded by Obama, the Democrats, and the media for months on end about our impending doom if Congress doesn't pass an increase in the already outrageous debt limit.

I might not have nearly as much of a problem with Congress doing so if the Spender-In-Chief were willing to support spending cuts equal to the increase in the limit, but we all know there's no way he'll do that.

In truth, I don't like the idea of raising the debt limit even one penny. History shows us the promises made by Congress to cut spending if only the debt limit is raised have never been kept. All we've ever seen from such promises is more taxes and more spending. The promises made aren't any more real than the old “The check's in the mail” dodge, except that we're talking trillions of dollars, a number that doesn't seem to faze Obama or Congressional Democrats, but scares the bejeezus out of just about everyone else.

It's ironic, considering that many of the same people pushing for increasing the debt limit were vehemently against it the last time the issue came up. The difference this time around? Last time it was a Republican in the White House while this time it's a Democrat, and he's asking for an increase that is far greater than the last one.

Talk about a double standard.

If the President and his Democrat cronies won't control their insatiable appetite for running up the national credit card, particularly if they're not the ones who will have to pay the bill, then it's up to the GOP and the Tea Party to do it form them. Better it be done now than when it will be so painful that it brings the economy down even more than it already is. Obama and the Dems aren't willing to admit that the credit card company (that means us, folks) aren't willing to raise their credit limit until they pay off what they've already charged. Until then it will have to be as so many of we so-called “little people” do under these circumstances – pay cash, or do without.

The national credit card is maxed out and the issuers – We The People – are saying “Enough!”