Ordinary People Solve A Seemingly Extraordinary Problem

The pols in Washington are still going at it hammer and thongs, and after weeks of debate and rhetoric they have been unable to come up with a workable compromise about the debt ceiling, out of control government spending, and a push to raise taxes.

But a group of five ordinary citizens were able to work out how to solve the problem in only an hour.

It seems to me we've been looking in the wrong place to find the answers needed to fix this problem. Some will claim their solutions are overly simplistic and overlook the nuances and complexities of the problem. But that is the problem. Those 'nuances and complexities' are what make it seem impossible to solve the problems. The folks in Washington tend to forget that no matter what they do, someone somewhere is going to be inconvenienced or hurt. The trick is that maybe we have to ignore that or any solution will be impossible. And then everyone will be hurt, possibly to a level not seen since the Great Depression. That is no solution.

What say you?